Home News Xi’an Citizens Travel Reminder: Route 109 will be adjusted on August 5

Xi’an Citizens Travel Reminder: Route 109 will be adjusted on August 5

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Xi’an Citizens Travel Reminder: Route 109 will be adjusted on August 5

Xi’an Citizens Travel Reminder: Route 109 will be adjusted on August 5

2022-08-02 18:21:56Source: Xi’an News Network

In order to optimize the layout of the bus network and improve the efficiency of bus routes, according to the approval of the Xi’an Transportation Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment, Xi’an Public Transport Group will adjust the 109 route on August 5.

It is understood that the line departs from Ducheng Bus Dispatching Station, passing through Ziwu Avenue, Xixi Avenue, Xifeng Road, Taibai South Road, Keji Sixth Road, Tuanjie South Road, Kunming Road, Zhangba North Road to Beiyatou; the return trip starts from Beiyao , via Zhangba North Road, Dazhai Road, Tuanjie South Road, Keji 6th Road, Taibai South Road, Xifeng Road, Xixi Avenue, Fudong 1st Road, Weiqu North Street, Ziwu Avenue to Ducheng Bus Dispatching Station, the line is 16 kilometers away , the return journey is 18 kilometers. The first and last shifts are from 6:00 to 22:00, and the system of unmanned ticket sales of two yuan per ticket is implemented, and cards can be swiped.

There are 34 line setting stations: Ducheng Bus Dispatching Station, Meridian Avenue Sakura No. 2 Intersection (return), Chang’an Thermal Power Company (return), West Avenue Fudong No. 1 Intersection (return), Western Avenue Meridian Avenue, Western Avenue Shuxiang intersection, West Shenjiaqiao Road 2nd Intersection, Western Avenue Shenjiaqiao 3rd Road, Western Avenue Wenyuan North Road, Xifeng Road Xifeng 4th Road, Xifeng Road Xifeng 3rd Road, Gaojiabao, Kangjiawan, Beishenjiaqiao, Taibai Road Zhangba East Road , Mutazhai, Xi’an Construction Engineering Group, Taibai Road Electronic 2nd Intersection, College of Arts and Sciences, Muta Temple Nursery, Gaoxin Road Science and Technology 6th Road Intersection, Keji 6th Road Middle Section, Keji 6th Road Tuanjie South Road, Western University of Technology Software Park, Tuanjie Road Science and Technology 4th Intersection, Xi’an Software Park, High-tech Hospital, Keji Road Tuanji South Road, Xiangtang Village, Fenglin Huafu, 3511 Factory Community (go), Zhangba North Road Dazhai Road (back), Zhangba North Road Minxin Road (Back), Beiyaotou.

6 canceled stations: Dazhai intersection of Zhangba North Road (towards Beiyaotou), Minxin intersection of Zhangba North Road (towards of Beiyaotou), Beiyaotou (towards of Beiyaotou), Fenghao of Hancheng Road The intersection (towards Beiyaotou), Tumen Market (towards Beiyaotou), and Tuanjie South intersection of Fenghao Road (towards Beiyaotou).

1 relocation site: Fenglin Huafu (towards Beiyaotou) is moved north from the west of the intersection of Tuanjie South Road and Dazhai Road to the bus stop group of No. 141 east of the north of the cross.

Liang Fan, chief reporter of Xi’an Newspaper Omnimedia

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