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Xinhua All Media+丨Becoming “trendy”, “live” and “popular” – A summary of the Spring Festival cultural tourism market – Xinhuanet Client

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The Spring Festival in China is a time of celebration, tradition, and cultural tourism. This year, as the nation celebrates the festival, tourists are flocking to various destinations to experience “trendy”, “live”, and “popular” activities. From exploring city architecture to appreciating intangible cultural heritage, and enjoying cross-season and outbound travel, the Spring Festival cultural tourism market is buzzing with life and vitality.

In Shanghai, city walks focusing on “reading architecture” have become a trendy way to celebrate the festival. Tourists are showing great interest in the architectural display projects along the way, making daily stroll activities a popular choice for visitors. In Guangzhou, visiting the jasmine flower market is a traditional project that has incorporated technological and cultural elements such as AR interaction and light shows, adding a modern flair to the traditional market.

In Tianjin, the iconic “Guifaxiang” store on the Ancient Culture Street has attracted a significant number of customers with its novel packaging and focus on nutritional balance. This highlights the transformation of “time-honored brands” into trendy and popular options through digital innovation and live broadcast platforms.

Furthermore, the Spring Festival cultural tourism market is also showcasing the intangible cultural heritage of China, with projects such as shadow puppets, paper-cutting, and dough sculptures being unveiled in various themed districts. These efforts to bring folklore intangible cultural heritage “alive” have allowed tourists to appreciate and experience the charm of traditional Chinese arts and crafts.

Moreover, “cross-season travel” and “outbound travel” are in full swing, with tourists flocking to destinations such as Changchun and Guangzhou to experience distinctive ice and snow cultural tourism products and enjoy the warmth of the south. With the increase in visa-free countries and the resumption of international flights, Chinese tourists are showing enthusiasm for outbound travel, exploring destinations such as Singapore.

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In summary, the Spring Festival cultural tourism market in China is brimming with trendy, live, and popular activities, showcasing the nation’s rich cultural heritage and offering diverse travel experiences for both domestic and international tourists. The celebration of the festival has become a vibrant and dynamic showcase of China’s cultural vitality.

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