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[Xinkuaiwang]Guangdong Province’s 2021 “National Safe Drug Month” activity kicks off 13 public welfare activities

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[Xinkuaiwang]Guangdong Province’s 2021 “National Safe Drug Month” activity kicks off 13 public welfare activities

New Express NewsOn October 18, the 2021 “National Safe Drug Use Month” event in Guangdong Province with the theme of “Safe Drug Use Stick to the Original Heart” was launched in Guangzhou. At the launching ceremony, representatives from the five aspects of drug research and development, production, inspection, operation, and use and pharmacist representatives combined their respective responsibilities, rights, and obligations to represent the practitioners of the entire life cycle of the province’s drugs and made the “safe medication adhere to the original intention”. Solemnly promise to make due contributions to safeguarding the safe use of medicines for the people. At the same time, the event played the provincial “Safe Drug Month” publicity results display video, reviewing the results of the Guangdong Province “National Safe Drug Month” activities in recent years.

According to reports, the 2021 “National Safe Drug Use Month” activity in Guangdong Province will be carried out in various parts of the province from mid-October to mid-November. The activity is to “show the achievements of the party’s century-old drug supervision field, promote the development of reform and innovation results, and develop safe medication. The three aspects of popular science publicity are the focus of publicity. Next, the Provincial Drug Administration will focus on the following 13 public welfare activities:

(1) Launching the launching ceremony of the safe medication month and the 40th An’an You Yue-Pharmaceutical Science Lecture Hall.On October 18, 2021, the launching ceremony of the 2021 National Safe Drug Month in Guangdong Province and the 40th “An An An appointment-a lecture on popular science of medicine” will be held. This lecture hall will invite experts in the discipline of traditional Chinese medicine to spread the history of traditional Chinese medicine and the culture of traditional Chinese medicine to the public around the theme of “safe use of medicines adhere to the original aspirations”. After the lecture, the audience was organized to visit the Shennong Caotang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum to guide the public to pay attention to and understand the knowledge of Chinese medicine.

(2) Demonstrate the achievements in the field of drug supervision and reform and innovation in the province’s drug supervision over a century since the founding of the party.2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and is also the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. The Provincial Drug Administration will set up provincial drug supervision in the first floor lobby of the bureau in conjunction with party history learning and education, and “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities. The work results exhibition of the bureau concentratedly reflected the fruitful achievements made in the field of drug supervision in the province for a century after the founding of the party, reviewed the growing drug supervision undertaking, and highlighted the new look of drug supervision in our province.

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(3) Holding the province’s “two laws” knowledge contest.In order to better publicize and implement the “Drug Administration Law” and “Vaccine Administration Law”, the Provincial Drug Administration will hold a knowledge contest on the “Two Laws” of the province’s drug regulatory system. In the form of a knowledge contest, promote the province’s drug supervision system, especially the understanding and application of the “two laws” by the grassroots law enforcement personnel of drug supervision, and ensure administration according to law.

(4) Produce a series of short videos of the guidelines for handling drug licensing.Combining drug supervision and management laws and regulations and drug-related professional knowledge, prepare drug production licenses, business licenses, advertising approvals, one-time import drug reviews, Internet drug information service qualification certificates, licensed pharmacist registration, special drug approvals, and medical institution preparation licenses There are a total of 8 short videos on the administrative licensing of pharmaceuticals and other topics. The content of the guide is displayed in an easy-to-understand and popular way to facilitate the masses.

(5) Promote and push popular science videos on safe medication.With “An’an” as the protagonist, create a batch of common safe medication misunderstandings in life, precautions for purchasing common diseases and other safe medication videos, which will be pushed during the safe medication month. Use the new media matrix of the Provincial Drug Administration to publicize and promote popular science videos produced by the National Drug Administration and the Provincial Drug Administration, such as safe medication and identification of common toxic plants in the province.

(6) Organize and carry out the “Six Entries” activities for popularizing scientific knowledge of safe medication.Combining the rural revitalization work of the Provincial Drug Administration, and the provincial drug inspection institutes, industry associations and other units, went to the rural and remote areas of eastern Guangdong, western Guangdong, and northern Guangdong, stationed in schools, communities, enterprises, families, institutions, kindergartens and other places The main content is “Identification of common toxic plants in Guangdong Province, precautions for medication for special populations, daily storage and regular cleaning of household drugs, purchase of common chronic disease drugs, attention to medications for the elderly, children, and pregnant women in the normalized anti-epidemic” as the main content, to organize safe medication Common sense lectures and on-site interactions, expert Q&A and other activities further help people of all walks of life, especially those in mountainous areas, to improve the level of safe medication.

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(7) Organize and carry out the campus activities of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Science Network (An’an Network).To collect pharmaceutical science works from domestic professional colleges, and organize teachers and students from many professional universities (faculties) such as China Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Guangdong University of Technology and other professional universities (faculties) to deeply participate in popular science creation activities, inspiring the majority The enthusiasm for science popularization of teachers and students has cultivated and screened a batch of campus drug safety science popularization works, created a high-quality drug popularization team, and formed a joint force of drug popularization led by the government, guided by universities and participated by teachers and students.

(8) Carry out special activities to publicize drug safety for the elderly.Organize a team of experts and volunteers to the nursing home to carry out themed activities of safe medication month, hold medication guidance for common chronic diseases of the elderly, “three highs” medication safety seminars, and carry out respect and condolences activities to guide the society to pay attention to the safe medication of the elderly.

(9) Organize one-day trips to the drug science popularization base.Through the WeChat public account of An’ankepu, organize the public to go to the Provincial Food and Drug Science Experience Hall, the Provincial Drug Inspection Institute Science Exhibition Hall, Guangdong Herbal Tea Museum, Shennong Caotang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum and other drug science publicity bases to visit, listen to professional explanations, and watch science popularization. Learn and understand popular science knowledge of drug safety through video, DIY production and other methods.

(10) To hold the 2021 Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Appraisal Professional Skills Competition.The “2021 Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Appraisal Professional Skills Competition” project is jointly approved by the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, under the guidance of the Affairs Center of the Provincial Drug Administration, and the Provincial Pharmacist Sponsored by the Association. The vocational skill competition of Chinese medicinal materials appraisal aims to encourage grassroots Chinese medicinal materials practitioners in the province to gain a foothold, study skills, practice hard skills, and be determined to become talents, in order to ensure the quality of Chinese medicine products, ensure the safety of people’s medicines, and protect public health to provide high-quality services; the competition is organized by the province Each city training center of the Drug Administration Affairs Center is responsible for organizing the preliminary and semi-finals, and the Provincial Pharmacist Association is responsible for the selection of competition content and organizing the finals; the winners of the special and first prizes will be jointly issued by the above-mentioned four departments to publicize them, among which the winners of the special prizes The “Guangdong Province May 1st Labor Medal” will be awarded by the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures.

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(11) Carry out activities to find the most beautiful pharmacist around.Carry out the “Find the most beautiful pharmacist around” activities in the province, organize and launch drug business companies, medical institutions, and pharmaceutical scientific research units, call on the public to participate in the recommendation activities, focus on displaying the outstanding deeds of pharmacists, and show that the pharmacists of our province do not forget their original intentions , Perform their duties and perform their duties, and maintain a good image of the people’s drug safety.

(12) Establish a special column on the Guangdong Province 2021 Safe Drug Month website.Set up a special column floating window on the Guangdong Province 2021 “National Safe Drug Use Month” on the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Science Network (An’an Network) to guide readers to click and view. The columns include “Science Popularization”, “Science Popularization Knowledge”, “Science Popularization Video”, and “Activity Lectures”, etc., through various forms of popular science and drug safety knowledge content.

(13) Designing and producing publicity materials on drug safety science knowledge and publicizing and promoting drug safety science knowledge.Produce and edit publicity materials on popular science knowledge about drug safety, and distribute them to local municipal bureaus and the public during the safe drug use month. At the same time, through long pictures, interviews and other forms, publicize popular science knowledge on drug safety to the public vividly, and supervise drugs in the province. The bureau’s new media matrix channels for publicity and promotion.

Written by: New Express News reporter Lu Yansi, correspondent Li Tingting and Liang Lijun

Photography: Correspondent Feng Tuishun

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