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Xinmin Quick Comment | After watching “Changjin Lake”, young people may wish to watch “Shangganling” again-Xinmin.com

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Xinmin Quick Comment | After watching “Changjin Lake”, young people may wish to watch “Shangganling” againFly into the homes of ordinary people

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“Changjin Lake” is hot, and there are many tearful young audiences in the theater. Many historical details of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea became vague and clear in the tears of this young man.

Of course, there seem to be many young people who “only know Changjin Lake but don’t know Shangganling”. Someone asked, the battle of Changjin Lake was so tragic, what about the battle of Shangganling?

Strictly speaking, the two battles cannot be compared together. The main reason is that the Battle of Changjin Lake was a battle on the Eastern Front in the second battle, while Shangganling was a relatively independent battle.

In terms of the scale of the war alone, in the five battles before Shangganling and the subsequent Jincheng counterattack, the volunteers invested more than 200,000 troops. The number of troops invested by the volunteers in the battle of Shangganling was more than 40,000.

However, the battle of Shangganling was definitely the most tragic battle to resist US aggression and aid Korea. The two sides repeatedly saw the saw in two highlands with an area of ​​only 3.7 square kilometers in 43 days. The intensity of firepower reached an average of 6 shells per second, and the battlefield was scorched earth.

In the tunnel warfare stage, the 15th Army faced blockades, bombings, poisonous smoke, and water cuts, and the living conditions were so bad that it could not be furthered. To send supplies into the tunnel, one has to pass through layers of blockades. The standard at the time was that if you can send an apple, you will be awarded second-class merit.

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The tragic battle of Shangganling was also reflected in the emergence of a large number of fighting heroes. Throughout the campaign, there were 38 heroes with names and surnames who took the initiative to blast the blaster, the grenade and the opponent, or sacrificed their lives to block the eye-catching and bomb the bunker! During the battle of Shangganling, China and the United States were negotiating in Panmunjom. When the volunteers fought hard in Shangganling, the Americans lacked the confidence to speak. It can be said that this small battlefield has become the focus of attention all over the world. The battle of Shangganling not only defeated the opponent’s military offensive, but also displayed the commanding art, fighting style and spirit of unity of the volunteer army. Simply put, it played out China’s military power and national power. After this war, the United States never launched an offensive on a scale of more than a battalion against the volunteers, and the East Asian region has also been traded for decades of peace. Some people say that the Americans knew China from Shangganling.

Therefore, young people nowadays, after watching the movie “Changjin Lake”, I think they might as well go and watch “Shangganling”. Although this film is old, the mood is always fresh. Its shooting techniques may not be advanced, but the stories it tells are always at the forefront. When the singing of “My Motherland” sounded in the tunnel, you will feel more historical details.

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