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Xintang Township Celebrates Harvest with Unique Rice Rush and Fishing Experience

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“Xintang Township Celebrates Harvest with Unique Events to Promote Rural Revitalization”

By Tan Mengmeng and Wang Zi

In the scenic farmland of Xintang Township, Chaisang District, the fragrant aroma of golden rice fills the air, showcasing the hard work of local farmers. The gentle wind rustles through the rice ears as the grains are cut and fall into bountiful heaps, marking a triumphant season of harvest. To encourage the people of Xintang to celebrate this abundance, embrace the party’s vision, and unite for rural revitalization, the Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival event “Celebrating Harvest, Promoting Harmony and Beauty” was held on September 24 in Xintang Township.

The event kicked off with a trumpet sounding, signaling the start of a fierce competition. Eleven teams composed of villagers from every village in the township embarked on a unique rural rice harvest race. With rolled-up trousers, participants eagerly grasped their sickles, turning the daily farm work into an exciting contest. Each team showcased their skills in cutting, threshing, and bundling rice. Within a short time, two rice fields were completely harvested, filling the air with laughter and cheers. Contestant Ling Congjie noted, “In the harvest season, we not only enjoy the fruits of our labor but also enhance our skills through competitions.”

Following the rice harvest, villagers quickly moved towards the fishing experience area. Equipped with rubber shoes, buckets, and nets, they eagerly jumped into the pond. The water churned as everyone used various tools to catch fish. The lively crowd on the shore jokingly referred to it as “fishing in troubled waters.” Excitement mounted as villagers caught big fish and children marveled at their size. Even those who were unsuccessful remained undeterred, continuing their fishing endeavors with support and encouragement from the onlookers. Laughter and exclamations filled the air, reaching a crescendo of excitement.

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In recent years, Xintang Township has focused on constructing high-standard farmland to improve the quality and efficiency of grain planting, increase farmers’ income, and contribute to rural revitalization. This effort has resulted in enhanced grain production capacity and transformed “grain fields” into fertile farmland. These developments have laid the foundation for the township to achieve its goal of completing 14,000 acres of grain sowing area by 2023, with an expected output of 6 million kilograms. Xintang Township is paving a new path for rural revitalization and development.

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Overall, Xintang Township’s Harvest Festival event not only celebrated the hard work of its farmers but also emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving rural revitalization. These unique activities showcased the spirit of the community while promoting agricultural success and progress.

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