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Xiuzhou launched a series of activities to celebrate the “Chinese People’s Police Day”

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Xiuzhou launched a series of activities to celebrate the “Chinese People’s Police Day”

Release date: 2022-01-11 09:41

Source of information: Municipal Public Security Bureau


■Reporter Shen Shenyuan

Correspondent Chen Xiao Chen Xiaoqing

Photojournalist Feng Yukun

News from this newspaper at 9 am yesterday, the atmosphere in front of the building of the Public Security Bureau of Xiuzhou District was solemn and solemn. In the strong and powerful melody of “The Police Song of the Chinese People’s Police”, the celebration ceremony of the “Chinese People’s Police Day” in Xiuzhou District in 2022 kicked off. Under the eyes of all the auxiliary police officers, the flag-bearers guarded the police flag. They stepped forward to the rostrum with heroic posture and sonorous steps. ceremony, solemn oath.

“I am the Chinese People’s Police, and I swear to firmly support the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of China, dedicate myself to the lofty cause of the people’s public security, be loyal to the Party, serve the people, enforce the law fairly, and be disciplined…” The remaining policemen raised their right arms and solemnly took the oath, reviewed the “Oath of the People’s Police of Public Security Organs”, and saluted the police flag with the most solemn etiquette, expressing their infinite loyalty and love to the public security cause.

The people’s police force is a team with a glorious tradition and fine work style, and it is also one of the teams with the greatest dedication in times of peace. One year since the establishment of the “Chinese People’s Police Day”, all police officers of the Xiuzhou District Public Security Bureau have taken the police flag as the guide, the precept as the order, and the construction of a safe Xiuzhou as the main line, solidly carried out the study and education of the party history and the education and rectification of the team, and have always fought in the The front line of defending political security, maintaining social stability, and ensuring people’s peace, go all out to prevent risks, ensure safety, protect stability, and promote development, ensuring the continued stability of the overall social security situation in the jurisdiction.

“January 10th this year is not only the second ‘Chinese People’s Police Day’, but also the 36th ‘110’ publicity day.” The relevant person in charge of the District Public Security Bureau said that Xiuzhou District is closely following the “people first 110, and courage and perseverance escort the new “Journey” theme, a series of exciting activities have been carried out in the form of a combination of online and offline.

Offline, the police battalion open day activities were carried out, and representatives were invited to enter the education and training base of the District Public Security Bureau to display police equipment and weapons, and carry out heavy and light PTU training demonstrations and actual combat drills. At the same time, booths for anti-fraud, traffic safety, anti-drug, etc. were set up in different places under the jurisdiction.

“110 is not just a series of numbers, it represents responsibility, protection, a beam of light when the masses are in danger, and a 24-hour escort.”… At 1:30 pm yesterday, “Jiaxing Xiuzhou Public Security” The Douyin live account was very lively. The District Public Security Bureau launched the “Qianqian Talks 110” brand by means of online live broadcast and introduced the 110 alarm service desk to the public in depth, attracting 14,863 netizens to watch it in the live broadcast room. “We also broadcast live at the Xincheng Police Station’s Certificate Service Center to promote the cross-provincial and municipal neonatal household policy in the Yangtze River Delta region, and invited our branch’s Internet celebrity anti-fraud studio to simultaneously launch online anti-fraud and anti-fraud knowledge publicity.” The person in charge Say.

According to reports, the “Chinese People’s Police Day” series of activities will continue until the end of January. The District Public Security Bureau is based on reality, innovating features, highlighting the “Xiuzhou flavor”, constantly innovating carriers, actively planning, and focusing on linkage. In the meantime, the District Public Security Bureau will launch the “Safe Enterprise Tour” to solve problems for enterprises; publicize and report on typical characters and deeds that emerged in the process of investigation and solving cases, showing the policeman’s demeanor; oriented by the needs of the masses, launch convenience measures to develop In the Yangtze River Delta region, the cross-provincial and municipal newborns’ household registration is centralized, which effectively brings benefits to the masses. At the same time, combined with the building of the “Golden Whistle” party building brand, the battle for traffic safety will be deepened, a strong atmosphere will be formed throughout the region, and the festive atmosphere will be pushed to the climax.

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