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Xiuzhou traffic police went deep into the masses to carry out traffic safety publicity and education

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Xiuzhou traffic police went deep into the masses to carry out traffic safety publicity and education

Release date: 2021-12-03 09:22
Source of information: Municipal Public Security Bureau

■Reporter Shen Shenyuan Correspondent Yu Xiaowen

According to our newspaper, December 2 this year is the 10th National Traffic Safety Day. Yesterday afternoon, the traffic police brigade of the Xiuzhou District Public Security Bureau opened the 10th jointly at the Jiangnan Moore Smart Joint Service Police Station with award-winning contests, the release of the traffic safety video “The Unknown Person”, on-site lectures, and face-to-face explanations. During the National Traffic Safety Day, more than 30 kindergarten children and enthusiastic citizens learned relevant traffic safety knowledge in an interactive experience.

“This kind of traffic safety publicity is grounded and targeted, and it is very useful for us.” A passing citizen Li Zhenwei holding a full answer to the “trophies” told reporters that he answered two questions correctly and likes this way of publicity very much. .

At the scene, the traffic police also combined the importance of “one helmet and one area”, avoiding the blind areas of large trucks, paying attention to “ghost probes” and accidents caused by sudden opening of the door. By watching videos of accident cases, citizens are deeply aware of the harm caused by illegal traffic behaviors.

A child from Qing’an Kindergarten, Wang Yichen, is very interested in the on-site activities. He said that he knows to watch the traffic lights and to be careful when crossing the road. “I learned a lot of new traffic safety knowledge today, and I will tell my parents when I go back.”

“Currently, the number of motor vehicles on the roads is increasing, and the potential safety hazards of transportation are increasing year by year. We hope that through this event, citizens will pay more attention to traffic safety, so that everyone can travel in a civilized and safe manner.” District Public Security Wang Yansong, a policeman from the traffic police brigade of the sub-bureau, told reporters that in fact, there are still many groups like kindergarten children and the elderly who have a little knowledge of traffic safety, and it is necessary to raise the traffic safety awareness of these groups.

Traffic safety is related to the construction of “Peaceful Xiuzhou” and is a livelihood project that responds to the people’s eager expectations. In order to further improve the level of road hazard management in the entire district and enhance the ability to prevent traffic accidents, Xiuzhou District pays close attention to groups such as the elderly, new residents, students, and engineering transport vehicle practitioners, conducts accurate publicity, enhances the safety awareness of key populations, and promotes traffic Safety propaganda is advancing in depth.

Completed the investigation of 5241 hidden road safety hazards, 5191 hidden road safety hazards were treated, 420 standardized junctions were constructed, and 4 new “green wave belts” were added… Focusing on the management of hidden hazards, Xiuzhou District continued to improve traffic safety facilities and implement key traffic safety Hidden hazards are listed for rectification, and the “one-way-one-inspection” system and the management of dead accidents are continuously promoted to further improve the level of road safety protection.

The New Year’s Eve is approaching. In order to ensure the safety of public transportation, Xiuzhou District will take this event as an opportunity to continue to focus on the three key points of “roads, cars, and people”, and carry out “helmet-wearing” civilized persuasion throughout the district Activities; go to inter-provincial checkpoints to inspect passing vehicles, and issue publicity materials to drivers and passengers for safety tips; conduct three-certificate inspections on construction vehicles to further increase the investigation and punishment of traffic violations. At the same time, vigorously promote road traffic towards closed-loop management, by building an integrated road traffic accident data platform, carrying out basic investigations of hidden hazards, improving the hidden hazard management system, and accurately controlling road surfaces, etc., to achieve a significant increase in the awareness of civilized travel and traffic violations. Significant reduction, the goal of a significant decrease in traffic accidents.

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