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Yan Dan: How was Zhu Xianjian “successfully arrested” after breaking out of prison? | Chaoyang Masses | Monitor Powers | Create “Skynet”

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On November 28, North Korean Zhu Xianjian, who had escaped from prison for 41 days, was “successfully arrested by the police.” The Jilin police claimed to be “successful,” and the CCP’s official media also applauded the “success”, but they never mentioned that whether it was the arrest of him before this or the “successful arrest” this time, the methods used are still the best. Primitive searches, rewards, and reports that were done entirely by manpower.

If there is no high technology in this world, it is not difficult to understand the fact that the CCP is running from top to bottom. However, the CCP has used high technology for decades, and its utilization rate has long surpassed that of developed countries, and now it has become the world‘s number one high-tech surveillance power. “Golden Shield”, “Skynet”, “Xueliang”…, the CCP’s surveillance project has never stopped updating. The party media didn’t even publicize: After a British BBC reporter was scanned, the “eye of the sky” in a certain place in China found him in the crowds of people on the street in just 7 minutes; Wu Xieyu, a suspect in the mother-killing case of Peking University, went through the airport security check 10 He was arrested in minutes; the fugitive from outside the country who entered Jacky Cheung’s concert was arrested as soon as he left the scene after being recognized by his face; the foreigner lost his bicycle in China and could be found in minutes…

The CCP’s electronic surveillance is so powerful and powerful, it shouldn’t have taken a fugitive from a foreign land after a long 40 days! The only reasonable explanation can only be that the “Skynet” run by the CCP is just one of all “tofu dregs projects” throughout China, and the person in charge is only interested in the rebate, not at all about its quality and effectiveness. Corrupt officials who only focus on profit have long known that “Skynet” is not useful, but in order to profit from it, more importantly, it can bluff the ignorant people who are allowed to slaughter, so the equipment is no longer scumbags, No matter how bad it is, you have to pretend to be everywhere.

Tools are useful and useless, only those who use it will know. The police finally discovered that relying on “Skynet” is worse than relying on themselves. However, Zhu Xianjian is a North Korean special force, and the Chinese Communist Party’s official media have reported that they are “astounding in physical fitness and will.” The pampered CCP police is obviously not his opponent. If you can’t catch people, you can only increase the bounty.

“Skynet” is no longer working, I can only believe that “under the reward, there must be a brave man.” But now the Chinese have totalitarian guillotines hanging on their heads, and they live in fear every day. How can there be real “brave men”? The CCP knows this well, so it uses the fear of the Chinese people to continuously develop the “sunrise masses” and act as its own human monitor.

In order to arrest Zhu Xianjian, the police’s notice of reward reads: Please actively report, and those who provide clues to assist in the arrest of criminals will be given certain rewards; those who do not report, harbor or shelter criminal suspects will be held accountable in accordance with the law. In the end, several villagers, fishermen, and car service company personnel in Heixiazigou, Fengman District, Jilin City, in order to avoid being accused of “not reporting, harbouring, and sheltering” Zhu Xianjian, they were hungry and cold and stayed here for only 4 months. He gave it to the police. It seems that being “accounted for” by the CCP makes the locals more frightened than the “extremely dangerous” escaper.

China’s “sunrise masses” are similar to the “informants” who served the “Stasi” and voluntarily monitor others during the East German era. They are full of fear and believe that only by cooperating with tyranny can the system be lifted. Own doubts. Beijing’s “morning masses” were originally just to report and expose prostitutes and drug users, but now they regard dissidents, petitioners, rights defenders, and various faith groups as themselves and “the public enemy of the people”. Because they are afraid of the CCP and do not know the truth, they help the evildoers invisibly. They do not hesitate to cooperate with totalitarian tyranny to monitor, report, and participate in the persecution of innocent people who should have the right to freedom.

Some people may ask, where is Zhu Xianjian innocent? He was imprisoned after committing the crimes of “steering across the border, theft and robbery” and even causing serious injuries to a person. Think about it, stealing and hurting people is not right, but is a person who only steals food and daily necessities a heinous bad person?

Take Zhu Xianjian as an example. He grew up in North Korea under iron fist rule, and was imprisoned and persecuted by the CCP on the way to escape. The South Korean consulate is located in Shenyang, which is only one step away from Jilin. Didn’t Zhu Xianjian know that this is the closest and most direct way to seek asylum? of course I know. But why did he choose the hardest and most difficult route to the north to escape to Mongolia? Because he is well aware that the CCP will never send the “Defects” directly to a free and democratic South Korea.

Like many defectors, Zhu Xianjian had just left the tiger’s den and entered the wolf’s den; he struggled to survive, but it was difficult to find a way out. All humanitarian countries are helping and taking in the unfortunate “North Korean defectors,” but the CCP has no humanity to send these poor people back to North Korea and let them be executed.

It can be seen that the CCP, like North Korea, has the characteristics of a cold, cruel devil, and even worse than it. North Korea produces “North Korean defectors,” and the CCP is also creating a large number of fugitives eager to escape its terror and totalitarian rule. For decades, rich and poor Chinese people have voted with their feet. The Chinese version of “Zhu Xianjian” also risked their lives and chose to smuggle and cross the border to a free and democratic country.

Regardless of whether it is against “North Korean defectors” or its own citizens, the CCP’s evil operations are sufficient to show that it has never treated people as human beings, and has deliberately reduced people to inhumans. “Foul of reputation, economic truncation, and physical elimination” are all for depriving people of their freedom, rights and will. In order to stifle freedom, the CCP continues to implant fear into the Chinese, making them compelled to become accomplices of dictatorship and tyranny and to oppose freedom.

Whether it is building a “Skynet” or mobilizing police force and cultivating “morning masses”, the CCP’s goal is not to punish rape and eliminate evil and protect the peace of the people on one side, but out of the need to maintain totalitarian rule and continue to impose tyranny. Living under the strict supervision of the CCP, the Chinese people have no safety at all, and everyone may be reduced to a victim of totalitarian tyranny.

Nowadays, the arrest of a North Korean special force brings not “success” to the Chinese, but a deeper fear.

This article only represents the author’s views and statements.

(Reposted from The Epoch Times/Editor in Charge: Liu Mingxiang)

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