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Yanqing strives to build an outdoor sports city

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Yanqing strives to build an outdoor sports city

Original title: Yanqing strives to build an outdoor sports city

News from our newspaper (Reporter Li Yao) Yesterday, the “Three-Year Action Plan for the Construction of “Outdoor Sports City” in Yanqing District (2023-2025)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) was released. Yanqing will use three years to promote ice and snow, cycling The great development of hiking, camping, and hiking allows people to come to Yanqing to “ride in spring, camp in summer, hike in autumn, and ice and snow in winter”, and it has become a national outdoor sports city.

If you want to ask what lifestyle is the most popular in the past two years, “Mountain Life” has a high probability of being on the list. “Camping, rock climbing, wild fishing, cross-country running…all mountain-related activities can be ‘mountain life’.” The post-90s Rongzheng couple are advocates of “mountain life”. When the weather is good, they often live in Outdoors, eat outdoors, play outdoors.

Like the Rongzheng couple, many people have gradually fallen in love with outdoor sports such as camping in the countryside, city cycling, and night running in the park. In this regard, Yanqing has unique advantages and conditions. Surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing water on one side, Yanqing, known as the “Summer Capital”, is a summer resort in the suburbs of Beijing.

According to the “Plan”, in the next three years, based on the natural landscape and the legacy of the games, Yanqing District will focus on the development of the four major sports of ice and snow, cycling, hiking, and camping. Build an outdoor sports scene with a demonstration effect. Three areas with distinctive characteristics and good foundations will be selected, namely Guihe River, Beishan Mountain and Dongnanshan Mountain, and the focus will be on building three outdoor sports demonstration bases. According to the different hobbies and needs of citizens, the outdoor sports experience from basic to high-end will be created and gradually improved. Multi-level outdoor sports infrastructure. Focusing on the three golden business cards of “Great Wall, Expo, and Winter Olympics”, plan three major sports and cultural routes, and further improve the layout of outdoor sports space.

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(Editors in charge: Bao Congying, Gao Xing)

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