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Yellow on robbery in Quartu, 46 year old wounded by gunshot – Sardinia

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Yellow on robbery in Quartu, 46 year old wounded by gunshot – Sardinia

Bandits entered the man’s family home in Capitana

A 46-year-old man, Riccardo Aliberti, a character known to the police was transported last night in red code to the Brotzu in Cagliari with a gunshot wound to the chest. His life is not in danger, according to the doctors he suffered a fracture and a lung injury and should get away with it in 30 days. To attack him four or five bandits who allegedly entered the home of Aliberti’s parents to carry out a robbery.
The criminals, all with their faces covered and wearing gloves, as reported by the victims and some close to the carabinieri of the Quartu Company who are handling the case, went into action just before 11pm. They broke into the house in via lake of Elysee from the back door, surprising Aliberti’s elderly parents. They threatened them, ordering them to hand over money and jewels, but got nothing. At that moment the 46-year-old who reacted would have arrived. There would have been a scuffle between the bandits and Aliberti, which started inside the house – the father was also shot in the head – and ended outside, where one of the criminals was fired with a pistol shot that hit him in the chest . The criminals then fled.
It was Riccardo Aliberti himself who sounded the alarm asking for help from the neighbors. The carabinieri and 118 arrived on the scene and transported the injured man to the hospital. The military worked all night to reconstruct the episode and understand if it was actually a robbery gone wrong. From what we learn, the criminals did not search the house and did not take anything away before fleeing.

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