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Yemen: at least 65 dead in 48 hours in Marib, rebels advance

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Government military sources report this

(ANSA) – DUBAI, APRIL 25 – The fighting between government forces and rebels has caused at least 65 deaths in the last 48 hours in Marib, the last bastion of the government in northern Yemen, where the rebels are advancing towards the capital of the same name. Military sources from Sanaa make it known.

The Houthis now control the Kassara front, in the northwest of the province, and are only six kilometers from the capital, despite the government forces being supported by the Saudi air force. The fall of Marib would be a severe blow to the government of Sanaa and its allies in Riyadh.

It was Riyadh who proposed a ceasefire in March, which was greeted coldly by the Houthis who, as a precondition, are calling for an end to the air and sea embargo imposed by the Saudis. (HANDLE).

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