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Yes or yes, the Bogotá Metro will be ready in 2028: Claudia López

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The mayoress of Bogotá, Claudia López, assured that the capital’s priority is to carry out the Promera Line of the Metro, which is 18% complete and is not change the contract, as requested by President Petro; since it would represent delays and a budget addition.

“Bogotá’s priority is to co-finance the three cables and the Regiotram del Norte. It is not changing the contract of the First Line of the Metro. In that same co-financing agreement there would have to be 25 billion pesos, and not 12 billion as up to now, to make Bogotá’s priorities, plus the modification that the president proposes to the First Line of the Metro, if it is finally done as he poses,” said

In the same way, the local president, assured that “Yes or yes, the operation will start in 2028 while I am mayor and it depends on meso that will be my responsibility until December 31 of this year, but it is possibly one of the most important decisions that citizens will make in October if they are able to continue,” he mentioned.

“The great challenge of the current government is not to disrupt the first metro line, but to finance the third. Santos left a metro line to Bogotá, Duque left a metro line to Bogotá, what we hope is that Petro will leave another metro line, a third, beyond the decisions“, the president asserted.

Contrary to what President Petro was asking for, regarding underground sections, the mayoress appreciated that what has already been approved must be carried out, since it represents a strong investment for the National Government and the capital and will represent an important mobility solution for more than 72,000 passengers.

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Every day more than 4,000 Colombians get up to build the first subway lineit will have 6 stations and will mobilize up to 72,000 passengers per hour, it can have up to three trains in its operation, which will halve the travel time from Bosa to the city center“Lopez finished.

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