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Yílmar Velásquez played in the majors like Matecaña

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Yílmar Velásquez played in the majors like Matecaña

Julian Andres Santa30

After the draw of the Colombian National Team 0-0 against the United States, being the first friendly of 2023 for those led by Néstor Lorenzo, one of the players who left the best impression on the field and earned the best comments from the press and the For the fans, the midfielder for Deportivo Pereira, Yílmar Velásquez, was the starter and played like Matecaña, being the leader in the midfield, difficult to pass and he was also seen stepping into the area and hungry to want to win more opportunities in the squad .

Another outstanding player was former Deportivo Pereira, Jorman Campuzano and also, Juan Camilo Hernández from Pereira was also a starter and tried to overflow and send crosses into the area but on the attacking front it was difficult for the team from the collective for what is still missing in the group game generation.

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