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[Yokogawa View]CCP’s entry into the United Nations and the shady United States supports Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations | Resolution 2758 | NIH |

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[Epoch Times October 27, 2021]Hello, friends, my name is Yokogawa. Welcome everyone to the “Yokogawa View” channel. Today is Tuesday, October 26.

Today’s focus: The CCP’s membership in the United Nations has destroyed the UN mechanism for 50 years. The US State Department today issued a statement in support of Taiwan’s full participation in the UN mechanism. The two scandals of Fauci were exposed, and the Congress was angrily held accountable.

Fifty years ago, the CCP did not restore its seat in the United Nations. The CCP used loopholes to undermine the UN mechanism and completely suppress Taiwan. Europe and the United States are regaining the right to speak in relations with Taiwan from the CCP. The US State Department issued a statement supporting Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations system. The guidelines actually have three foundations; NIH indirectly admitted funding research on the functional acquisition of the Ecological Health Alliance and the Armed Forces Institute, the Tunisian beagle dog experiment funded by the Fauci Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was exposed, and members of Congress angrily demanded accountability.


The CCP’s membership in the UN for 50 years is not to restore its seat, but it does damage the UN mechanism

In the 50 years since the CCP joined the United Nations, Xi Jinping delivered a speech. He said that the 26th United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 2758 by an overwhelming majority, restoring all rights of the People’s Republic of China in the United Nations and recognizing that the representative of the People’s Republic of China is the only legal representative of China in the United Nations.

I only raise one point of doubt. The United Nations began preparations for the final stage of World War II. It was established that year after World War II. The United States, Britain, France, the Soviet Union and China were the five permanent members when they were signed. China was the Republic of China. What is the restoration of rights? Can rights that have never been restored? Recovery is once lost and then gained again.

From the perspective of the CCP, it should be said that it was captured, and from the perspective of the Republic of China, it was captured.

From the perspective of its contribution to the world, the CCP’s accession to the United Nations is the greatest damage to the United Nations mechanism. The former Soviet Union has a socialist camp, but it is not easy to control the United Nations. Therefore, to a large extent, the veto power is used by the permanent members. Half of the veto power used by the United Nations is in the former Soviet Union. The Soviet ambassador to the United Nations Gromyko Mr. Veto.

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Next is the United States, but the United States first used the veto power in 1970. Very late, after 1972, the veto power was used extensively, basically to boycott the United Nations sanctions against Israel. The CCP is very different. It is very good at mobilizing the voting power of third world countries without using the veto power. In other words, the CCP is best at exploiting the loopholes in the UN mechanism, or more accurately, the UN mechanism.

This is what Xi Jinping said in his speech that the CCP “maintains the authority and status of the United Nations, practices multilateralism, and maintains the core role of the United Nations in international affairs.”

This is where I think the United Nations has failed the most: the democratic decision-making mechanism of one country, one vote was kidnapped by the CCP. The UN’s decision-making mechanism is actually the same as a democratic system. It must have a certain belief and moral foundation. It is inevitable that the decision-making by votes alone will lead to disasters.

On the Taiwan side, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ou Jiang’an called on the United Nations not to repeatedly succumb to the political pressure of the Beijing government, improperly expand the interpretation of the connotation of Resolution 2758, and exclude Taiwan. In response to the media, he stated that UN General Assembly Resolution 2758 only decided on the issue of the representation of China in the UN and did not authorize the People’s Republic of China to represent the people of Taiwan in the UN system.

The European Union promotes relations with Taiwan and the U.S. State Department declares its support for Taiwan’s participation in the international trend of UN affairs

In other words, in the past 50 years, the CCP has basically had the final say on how to interpret the UN Resolution 2758, excluding Taiwan from all the UN and its affiliates and related organizations. In this regard, the CCP has all the right to speak. This is what the UN is. It is very unusual that both North and South Korea and East and West Germany have seats in the United Nations at the same time.

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This is caused by the appeasement policy of developed countries around the world towards the CCP. It is also quite responsible for allowing the CCP to suppress Taiwan unscrupulously. It was not until 50 years later that the world began to sober. It must be admitted that there are two main factors. Taiwan has become a part of the world’s democratic and free system, and economic and technological achievements are not only dazzling and irreplaceable. The CCP’s 50-year dictatorship has violated human rights on a large scale and exported. , These behaviors awakened, even awakened the world.

There has been considerable momentum in enhancing relations with Taiwan and striving for more Taiwan’s participation in international affairs. Let’s look at several major events that have occurred recently. On October 21, the European Parliament overwhelmingly passed the “EU-Taiwan Political Relations and Cooperation” report with 580 votes in favor, 26 votes against, and 66 abstentions: calling on the EU to strengthen its economic, trade, and technological cooperation with Taiwan, and “emphasize the development of the Taiwan Strait.” Military conflicts will not only cause major economic chaos that affects European interests, but also severely disrupt the rule-based order in the region, as well as the democratic governance with human rights, democracy and the rule of law as the core” and other recommendations.

This is the first resolution passed by the European Parliament to strengthen cooperation with Taiwan. Just two days after the European Parliament’s report, on the 23rd, the US State Department issued a message saying that US and Taiwanese officials have discussed how to make Taiwan possible “meaningful” to participate in United Nations affairs. Discussed. This discussion took place 22 days before the day.

Today, on the 26th, the US State Department issued a statement, “supporting Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations system.” The first sentence of the statement was: “Taiwan has become a story of democratic success.” It specifically mentioned that Taiwan has been so successful in fighting the epidemic, but it has been excluded from WHA. outside.

Three guidelines for the U.S. One China Policy

The statement called on all countries in the world to join the actions of the United States and support Taiwan’s meaningful participation in all the activities of the United Nations system without violating the one-China policy. The one-China policy here is based on such guidelines: the Taiwan Relations Law, three communiqués and six guarantees. In the early days, China’s one-China principle and the United States’ one-China policy were based on the three joint communiqués.

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However, in 2016, the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate passed a joint resolution, confirming that the “Six Guarantees” and the “Taiwan Relations Act” are guidelines for U.S.-Taiwan relations. The Asian Reassurance Initiative Act of 2018 reaffirms the Taiwan Relations Act, the three joint communiqués, and six guarantees to fulfill the U.S. commitment to Taiwan.

This change has taken place for several years, but this time the State Council reiterated that it is particularly meaningful in today’s situation. The six guarantees are a memorandum made by Reagan to the August 17 Communiqué in 1982. As a real guide for arms sales to Taiwan, the main prerequisite for reducing arms sales to Taiwan is that the CCP peacefully resolves differences with Taiwan.

This memo was not declassified in the United States until 2019. The EU and the United States no longer allow the CCP to have the right to speak on the Taiwan issue, but to allow Taiwan to participate in UN affairs, it is not enough to just make a statement. The Czech Parliament and the Lithuanian government have made a good start. The Taiwanese Foreign Minister is visiting Slovakia and the Czech Republic. On the one hand, he hopes that more countries will follow up. On the other hand, the United States and Europe need to have specific plans for Taiwan to participate in UN affairs.

Today I talked about two issues. First, the CCP has been in the United Nations for 50 years and has recognized its contribution to the international community, but the international community is changing its direction;

Second, two major scandals of Fauci were exposed. One was the NIH’s admission of funding research on the function of the Armed Forces Agency, and the other was a brutal experiment with beagle dogs in Tunisia. Members of Congress angrily demanded investigation and accountability. (See the video for the full content)

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