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[Yokogawa View]From Changjin Lake to Taiwan Strait, does the CCP want to go to war? | Situation in the Taiwan Strait | War in the Taiwan Strait

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[Epoch Times October 08, 2021]Hello, viewers, my name is Yokogawa. Welcome everyone to the “Yokogawa View” channel. Today is Thursday, October 7th.

Today’s focus: How does the CCP turn shame into glory, and what is the intention of propagating the Ice Sculpture Company? 150 military planes disrupt Taiwan, the CCP wants to invade Taiwan?

In the Battle of Changjin Lake, the CCP turned a man-made tragedy into a feat. It is a tragedy, not a hero, to freeze to death because it was not an unrighteous battle to defend the home and the country. The CCP’s renewed mention of the Ice Sculpture Company has other plans. It is to prepare for the war. From the only child to the CCP’s shortcomings in the South China Sea, the CCP has strengthened the reasons for its military aircraft to disrupt Taiwan, the conditions for the CCP’s war and its influence on the United States and Japan. Taiwan is winning. More international support.

Sending soldiers to North Korea to freeze to death in vain is not a record

There have been many comments on the movie “Changjin Lake”. Let me just talk about one point, as the CCP has been avoiding the “score”, why is it now boasting with great fanfare.

The Ice Sculpture Company has no glory.

Is there any difference between a soldier who froze to death on the Korean battlefield and a peasant who starved to death on land that did not belong to him in 1959? For an unjust war, he was sent to the battlefield in a muddle manner, and he was muddled to death without even seeing the enemy. This is a huge tragedy for myself, my family, and the nation. There is only the CCP in the world who can perform this kind of tragedy.

The military profession is to fight, it means to die. This kind of rare death in all professions is part of the profession, and it is unavoidable to die in a muddled battle, but the general army will try to avoid unnecessary sacrifices, although it is impossible. Avoid it completely, but if you know the unnecessary sacrifice and don’t take any measures to avoid it, you will be held accountable after the fact in most countries.

Three companies were frozen into ice sculptures, and 20,000 to 50,000 people were frozen to death or severely frostbited. It was just because there was no winter clothing, and it was not because there was no preparation, but Mao Zedong personally ordered to enter the DPRK immediately, and it is not allowed to prepare winter clothing at the stations along the way. Supply troops.

The 9th Corps came from the south and did not have cotton clothing. North Korea was already minus 20 degrees or even lower at that time. Mass freezing to death can be expected and can be prevented. Sending hundreds of thousands of soldiers to death in vain, this would have to be evil. How evil it takes to praise people who died unjustly as heroes, in order to prove the greatness of the regime that sent them to the unjust death.

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This is different from the sacrifice of defending the country. In history, the 300 heroes of Sparta died to defend the country, so they have been passed down to this day. Heroes, especially war heroes, have a country, and a hero in one country can be a sinner in another country.

This is the tragedy of the heroes of the Chinese Communists in the Korean War. It is not to defend the country and the United States has no attempt to invade China; it is not an anti-aggression, North Korea is the aggressor, and the United Nations Army is an anti-aggression; it is not a just war, and it has fostered a Jin family regime. A companion, but also endangers the world. Personally, it is not dying under the enemy’s gun, but dying in the hands of the commander-in-chief who regards the soldier’s life as an ant.

Is the promotion of the Ice Sculpture Company preparing for war?

As for the reason for propaganda, in addition to the fabricated record, mentioning the Ice Sculpture Company has another plan. If the CCP wants to start a war, one of the major difficulties it will face is casualties.

The Nikkei Asian Review published a comment last month on the issue of the only child in the Chinese Communist military. As I commented a few years ago, as many as 80% of the CCP’s military members are currently only children. The trouble is not only the hardship and sacrifice of the soldiers, but also the family members of the soldiers.

If it is a short-term conflict, the impact on the society can still be controlled. If the war is prolonged and the casualties are large, it will have a very large impact on the whole society. No one can even predict how strong this impact will be and what it will have on the war itself. Influence, after all, human society has not seen an army composed mainly of only children.

The CCP’s army has not had war for a long time. There are a series of problems such as command, coordinated operations, and logistics. In the war, there will be many non-combat casualties and casualties like the ice sculpture company that are not heroes at all. They are not at all like the image in Wu Jing’s movies. Yes, the people need to be vaccinated. After all, seeing the cruelty of the war 70 years ago and the cruelty of the real war is a completely different experience.

The other is to create an atmosphere of the whole people to suppress the opposition after war failure or heavy casualties, including the families of soldiers who died in battle.

The most recent war between the CCP was the border conflict with Vietnam in 1979. Fortunately, the time was short and the bad news ended before it could spread. Later, the CCP organized a lecture group to conduct patriotism education across the country. But it’s hard to tell how people feel about these hero reports.

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After I heard it, I realized how bad the war was. Before the attack, everyone drank and courageously. The defensive Vietnam munitions net covered the open area. The CCP army rushed over like a tide. Actually the same crowd tactics as the Korean War 30 years ago.

This is different from the National Army and the U.S. Army. The communist army’s tactics in North Korea were beaten to death by the U.S. Army. The photos were sent back to the U.S. and the public criticized them as massacres. The old man drove forward and charged, until he was so soft that he couldn’t bear to fight again. The Vietnamese army did not have this psychological barrier.

The funeral is also a patent of the CCP. Difficult to rejuvenate states is of the same type. Most of the difficulties in China are man-made disasters.

The domestic and international reasons for the CCP’s military aircraft’s strong disturbance of Taiwan

This is about the possibility of war. The Chinese Communist Army suddenly stepped up its invasion of Taiwan’s military aircraft on November 11. On the 1st to 4th, 149 military aircraft invaded Taiwan’s Southwest Airlines Identification Zone, which was a record. Whether Xi Jinping has the intention to invade Taiwan by force, of course he does, but his intention and whether he can put it into practice are two different things.

The first is to express dissatisfaction with the joint maritime military exercises of the six countries. The United States, Japan, Britain, Canada, and the Netherlands are conducting military exercises near Taiwan. Xi Jinping must say something. After all, it is the CCP that has been bullying others. I have always believed that the CCP is strong outside and doing it, and it must maintain its domineering image, otherwise it will be exposed. (Yokogawa view)

The second one may be domestic factors. I personally think that power cuts may not be the main reason. Although it can be one of the reasons, the main reason is that Xi Jinping is under pressure from within the party. The overall crisis of the CCP’s governance needs to shift its direction, and it can also be due to the need for power struggle within the party.

However, the possibility of a short-term war breaking out is unlikely, because there is almost no chance of winning. Next year, Xi Jinping will be re-elected for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. If he lost the foreign war before, he could not even win a short-term victory, he would be used by his opponents.

Considerations of the United States and Japan in the Taiwan Strait War

Fighting across the Taiwan Strait is not as easy as imagined. After all, the Taiwan Strait is not the CCP’s expertise. At present, the two most dangerous sea areas, the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, are actually the CCP’s weaknesses. In the Korean War, Mao Zedong could immediately send the 9th Corps to fight in the DPRK and enter the battle within a few days, because it was similar to the civil war, but the opponent was much stronger.

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However, fighting in the Taiwan Strait requires a lot of preparation. Today’s technology can easily be detected by the United States, Japan, and Taiwan, and once the fight is started, it is not possible to stop it if you want to stop it. At that time, you can’t help yourself.

Except for Taiwan’s strong resistance in the Taiwan Strait, I have no doubt about Taiwan’s determination and ability to defend itself, and possible international military support to Taiwan cannot be ignored. The current six-nation joint military exercise is proof.

I think that besides the United States, the most important thing here is Japan. For Japan, the loss of Taiwan means the loss of the last security guarantee. Therefore, Japan has rapidly changed its Taiwan Strait policy in the past two years and has become an important force for maintaining peace in the Taiwan Strait.

For the United States, the loss of Taiwan is completely incomparable with the loss of Afghanistan. The loss of Taiwan is the end of the American century. There is no such thing as long-term coexistence with the CCP.

1) It is dishonest to countries that rely on the United States for security; 2) For allies, it is no longer possible to trust the United States, and alliances are meaningless; 3) For the CCP, it never cares about the U.S., and the U.S. has lost leverage against the CCP; 4) The hostile countries will be greatly encouraged and will further offend the United States; 5) the collapse of the international order after the war.

Taiwan’s international support

On the other hand, Taiwan is gaining more support. Former French Defense Minister and Member of Parliament Alain Richard is leading a Senate delegation to visit Taiwan. On Thursday, in a brief speech after receiving the Medal of Honor from President Tsai Ing-wen, Richard praised the Taiwanese representative office in Paris for “representing the country very well”.

This will undoubtedly anger Beijing. However, from the Czech Republic to Lithuania and now to France, although it does not represent the French government, it is at least a delegation of senators. In fact, the Czech Republic is not a government, but a delegation led by the Speaker of the Senate. There are more and more politicians who dare to despise and attack the red line drawn by the CCP.

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