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[Yokogawa Viewpoint]Why is the list of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China concerned about who goes up and down? | Meloni | The Belt and Road | List of Top 20 Representatives

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[Yokogawa Viewpoint]Why is the list of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China concerned about who goes up and down? | Meloni | The Belt and Road | List of Top 20 Representatives

[NTDTV, Beijing time, September 27, 2022]Hello, viewers, I am Yokogawa, and welcome to the “Yokogawa Viewpoint” channel, Monday, September 26.

Today’s focus: Italian election, conservative Meloni will be elected prime minister, which will be the first time Is it that important?

Yesterday’s biggest international event should be the Italian election. Meloni, co-founder and chairman of the conservative Italian Brotherhood Party, will become Italy’s new prime minister. This is Italy’s first female prime minister and the first right-wing Italian prime minister after the war.

In the last election in 2018, her party received only 4.5% of the vote, which shows that the political climate in Italy has changed since then. I think the main thing is the epidemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the corresponding energy crisis and inflation. There is growing dissatisfaction with European politicians.

Political philosophy: I don’t like to give people political definitions, and I have always disagreed with far-right views, preferring to say that they are conservative and traditional. The most widely uploaded on the Internet today is her speech, which is said to be part of her speech at the conservative party VOX rally. You can see her political views, the key points:

Today, all the identities that define us have become “enemies”, and when we lose our identity, we become the perfect consumer slave. They attack national identity, religious identity, gender identity and family identity; I cannot define myself as Italian, woman, Christian and mother, but must be a citizen, gender, Parent1 or 2 (no parent in Chinese, only parents) , they want us to be just a number and we must defend God, country and family. She opposed globalization, emphasizing religion and family values.

I was impressed by what the British writer Chesterton said a century ago when she ended her speech: “Light a fire to prove that 2 plus 2 equals 4, and draw a sword to prove that the leaves in summer are green”. The time has come and we are ready. I think what she’s saying is, return to common sense. Her rally speech at VOX earlier this year about her governing focus sequence may be the same speech:

“Pro-Natural family, against LGBT rights group lobbying, for gender identity, against gender ideology, against Islamic violence, for secure borders, against mass immigration, say no to big international finance… resist the bureaucrats in Brussels!”

Reactions from various countries: Most countries in Europe were shocked. She was called Italian Trump (Trump) by some people. It is another matter, but there are indeed many similarities in concept. The left media wailed, and CNN’s headline was directly “Italy elects the most right-wing prime minister since Mussolini”. Before the election, EU President von der Leyen once said that if Italy chooses to go in a “difficult direction”, Europe will have “Means” to respond. This means if you choose a right-wing party or a right-wing coalition.

Threats, though, may be effective against politicians but not voters. Voters do not need and will not consider these. Conservatives generally welcomed it, and many people left messages, not understanding how these words became fascists.

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That’s the way the world is today, as long as you don’t agree with them, they’ll put a fascist hat on you. Now that Italian voters have made a choice, whether it will become a new trend, that is, Europe’s conservatives are beginning to take hold. After all, Italy is the third largest economy in the EU, with more influence than Hungary and Poland.

In foreign policy, it is generally estimated that she will not make major changes soon, but will focus on solving domestic problems. She is critical of the EU and is closer to Hungary and Poland. She supports aid to Ukraine, but some of her circles are more pro-Russian, for example, that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was forced.

On the other hand, this is by far the most friendly prime minister to Taiwan, and should be a double setback for the CCP: the Belt and Road Initiative and Taiwan. The Belt and Road Initiative: In March 2019, Xi Jinping personally went to Italy to sign a memorandum on the Belt and Road Initiative with the then Prime Minister Conte. Italy is the only member of the G7 participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Meloni has made it clear that he has no intention of continuing to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative. Xi Jinping’s performance at the SCO summit seemed to indicate the fading of the “Belt and Road” in Central Asia. It seems that the “Belt and Road”, like Xiongan, is also quickly entering an unfinished state.

Because Meloni has great hope of being elected, Taiwan Central News Agency interviewed Meloni in writing on cross-strait issues before the general election, and published an exclusive interview on September 23. It was the first time that Italian political leaders have been interviewed by Taiwan media in many years. Meloni said that if there is a military conflict in the Taiwan Strait, it will have a direct impact on Europe.

She said that the EU should use all political and diplomatic means to “do all it can to exert pressure to avoid conflicts in the Taiwan Strait”; “Don’t forget that the EU is also China‘s main export market, if they decide to attack Taiwan, it may lead to market (exports to China) ) closed.” The far-right party she leads and Taiwan are “linked by a sincere friendship.” If she can lead the next government, she will promote more bilateral cooperation between Italy and Taiwan.

The CCP is extremely dissatisfied with this. The CCP’s embassy in Italy issued a statement on the same day, saying: “The Chinese side has noticed some negative remarks related to Taiwan, using the Taiwan issue to talk about things, and making noises against China. The Chinese side expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to the relevant remarks.” He emphasized: “No matter how the international situation changes, adherence to openness and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results should always become the mainstream of the development of China-Italy relations. China attaches great importance to the development of relations with Italy, and is willing to jointly grasp the correct development direction of China-Italy comprehensive strategic partnership.” It’s a bit helpless. Now that people are elected, it depends on what the CCP will do.

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What does “Xi does not show up” have to do with everyone?

Regarding the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the list of representatives has been announced. Rumors about Xi Jinping have been going on for several days, and even the English-language media in the United States have begun to report these two days. I won’t comment on this aspect, I have already said everything that should be said. It doesn’t matter whether Xi Jinping stays in office or not, or whether there is a coup in Zhongnanhai. The question is why are people so concerned about this, and what does this have to do with everyone?

1) It will not change the most fundamental CCP ideology and political system. Since the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, Chinese people have generally been concerned about personnel changes at the highest level, and reading newspaper rankings has become a habit. After the Cultural Revolution, especially after the economic reform, the habit of studying newspapers for the whole people changed, and they all went to study to make money. Of course, there are always people who have different pursuits in each period. I don’t know when I started to study the changes in personnel, especially when changing the term, who will go up and who will go down, and whether there are 7 or 9 members of the Standing Committee. But this kind of concern has no impact on China‘s political situation and the CCP’s policy. The CCP’s overall policy does not change much because of one person’s superiors and inferiors.

2) Even if there is a change to a slightly looser direction, it is very easy to change back, and there are no institutional constraints to guarantee relaxation. During the period of Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang, it was loose enough, and after the “June 4th” it was still tightened, although it was not as comprehensive and serious.

3) The political persecution has never stopped, and the tossing is always on the way. Although theoretically there is no movement, the 1989 “June 4th”, the persecution of Falun Gong, Tibet, Xinjiang, and Hong Kong are all political persecution movements that are global or local.

4) Even individuals can change, such as Deng Xiaoping, who initiated reforms and reforms. Later, China‘s economic development and the general improvement of people’s living standards (although there are still hundreds of millions of people who have not been lifted out of poverty) are inseparable from him, but “June 4th” Still slaughtered. This is determined by the system and the nature of the party. Individuals are difficult to change.

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5) Mao Zedong is not alone. Every time he struggles, he has the support of most of the high-level party members. Liu Shaoqi does not fail in a movement, and he is a rectifier. Deng Xiaoping is a right-wing vanguard. If the Cultural Revolution hadn’t rectified all these people, they would have The Cultural Revolution will not approve.

Today, Xi Jinping alone cannot toss to this level. They all thought that the Cultural Revolution would not be repeated, but it is almost like a dance of loyalty in mainland China today. Of course, the definition of the Cultural Revolution is different, and it is said that this level of madness cannot be achieved by one person, including clearing it, and there are not one or two crazy people. That is only achieved by the party system.

It has been said many times, and it is necessary to say it briefly. The current crisis in the CCP is not something that can be alleviated by a single person in power. It is the inevitable result of the innate deficiencies in the system. It is just that the time of the outbreak is different sooner or later. Diplomatic isolation, chip restrictions, capital flight, the bursting real estate bubble, soaring unemployment, and economic worries are all the result of long-term accumulation. For generations of leaders, the epidemic has only made things worse.

Anyone who is in power will face these unsolvable problems. Except for the abolition of zero, it is difficult to do anything else. Reform and opening up is not a matter of willingness to go, but a question of whether it will work or not. Without the cooperation of the political reform, the economic reform will not be successful. If it were successful, the Westernization Movement would have been successful long ago, and is it still the turn of the CCP?

Interact with the audience and friends in the following time to see if there is any problem.

Last time:
Mr. Yokogawa, I just checked, Yu Rock died in 1970. You probably meant to say another person. (Wang Shenyou)

Mr. Yokogawa, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the assassination of Abe, the chaos in Iran, the current situation in China, natural and man-made disasters, etc., the world has entered a period of turbulence, right? I would like to ask whether a better world will be built after a few years after the earth is shaken. Will the new order make the world more civilized and more moral? Are you optimistic about the future? How long do you think this turmoil will last?

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