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You can now pay with Flypass in Regulated Parking Areas

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You can now pay with Flypass in Regulated Parking Areas

From the second week of October, a new payment method will be enabled for parking in the 21 Regulated Parking Zones of Medellín. This is the Flypass, which allows agility and greater transparency in fare collection.

“A new form of payment will be added to payment in cash and with QR code for those who use the ZER zones. From now on, you can make payment through Flypass. We invite citizens to make use of this new technological process,” explained the Undersecretary of Road Safety and Control, Arles Giovanny Arias Jiménez.

In the city, more than 26,000 people park weekly in the ZER, for which Terminales Medellín has 150 drivers and 19 coordinators.

About Regulated Parking Zones

The ZER zones are located in the communes 4-Aranjuez, 10-La Candelaria, 11-Laureles/Estadio and 14-El Poblado. There, the promoters, identified with a blue vest, must collect the usage fee for parking in advance, for which three options are available: in cash; Flypass; and with App Bancolombia A la mano and/or Nequi applications. Once payment has been made, the corresponding receipt is delivered.

The Mayor’s Office of Medellín reiterates to the users of the ZER that it is essential to demand from the promoter the payment ticket for the parking use fee, especially when the payment is in cash, which allows validating the payment made by the user, knowing the parking time and the value of the charge.

During the week of recess, the Parque Norte and the Juan Pablo II Airport will have unified entry with a discount

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