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Youth competition: Soon an elite championship in Togo

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Youth competition: Soon an elite championship in Togo

The Togolese football federation plans to offer competitiveness to young people. This through an elite youth championship in which the best young people will be selected and compete against themselves. The aim is to create a federal academy.

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association, FIFA has recommended that all member associations develop a policy for the emergence of youth football. In this vein, the FTF wants to set up a project over four the next few years which would make it possible to select young people at the end of an elite championship and put them in a federal academy. As Hervé Tété Agbodan, Secretary General of the FTF, explains here: “ There is a project that we are going to develop for the next four years, that is to say between 2023 and 2026, which would make it possible to set up development centers and at the end a federal training academy for young players. It’s to ensure that we can have very strong youth teams. These youngsters will be chosen through an elite youth championship and it would be a bit different from what we see now. It’s not an ordinary championship for young people but we select the best who compete against each other” did he declare.

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All in all, no one can aspire to high-level football by trampling on the youth competitions which are nowadays considered the bedrock of football development. Moreover, it is in this sense that this project of the FTF is to be welcomed if we manage to implement it.

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