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Yuan Bin: Why is the CCP angry at the big V Luo Changping? | Changjin Lake | Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea | Incite Enmity against the United States

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[Epoch Times October 10, 2021]After the “Changjin Lake”, which was praised as a “patriotic blockbuster” by the CCP, was released, it set a box office record of more than 3 billion in just one week. Although the official and Little Pink applauded in unison, there are also many people who hold different views. Luo Changping, a well-known media person and Internet V-V, is one of the public voices.

On October 6, Luo Changping posted on Sina Weibo, “After half a century, Chinese people rarely reflect on the justice of this war, just like the Sand Sculpture Company back then did not doubt Shangfeng’s wise decision. As for this In a war, you don’t need to make too many comments. Looking at the current North Korea and the current South Korea, all the answers are clear at a glance.”

Soon, Luo Changping was violently criticized by official media such as the CCP’s “Communist Youth League Central” Weibo and “Liberation Army Daily”, accusing him of “insulting the heroes”.

Although under pressure, Luo Changping subsequently issued an apology and his Weibo account was also closed, but the official did not let him go. On October 8, the Sanya police put Luo Changping in criminal detention on suspicion of “crimes of infringing on the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs.” On the same day, the Sanya Procuratorate announced that its lawsuit was filed and investigated. To this end, the “Central Commission for Discipline Inspection” published a high-profile article: “Let those who insult the heroes pay their due price”!

Why did the CCP become so irritated and aggressive at “insulting the heroes” of Internet V-V.Luo Changping? Is it really just because he “insulted the heroes”? I think things are not that simple.

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The so-called “insult to the heroes” refers to Luo Changping’s description of “Ice Sculpture Company” as “sand sculptures”, but the focus of his Weibo is not here, but a denial of the justice of the CCP’s “resistance to US aggression and aid to Korea”.

It is not difficult for a discerning person to see that Luo Changping is literally talking about whether he should reflect on the justice of the “Resistance to U.S. Aid Korea”. It seems that he is only questioning the justice of this war, but what he really means is very clear. In other words, this is an unjust war. It’s just that under the pressure of the CCP’s remarks, he dare not break it. In other words, Luo Changping’s spearhead was not aimed at soldiers who died of freezing, but the CCP. Of course, the CCP knows this well. Just imagine, it has always been arrogant and can’t listen to any disagreements, can it not get angry after being beaten by a big Internet V? However, due to its face, the CCP did not want the people to see this clearly, so it had to avoid the importance and deliberately seize the term “Sand Sculpture Company” to make a fuss.

Another important reason for the CCP’s high-profile claim that it will make Internet Venerable Luo Changping “pay the due price” is that the CCP is currently facing the siege of the entire Western world, and the Sino-US conflict is becoming more intense. Next, in order to confront the United States and to prove its own legitimacy, the CCP desperately needs to incite anti-American and anti-Western brainless patriotism. The intention of launching “Changjin Lake” is precisely for this purpose. Seeing the movie hit, Little Pink applauded, and Luo Changping suddenly came out to pour cold water and fire a gun. Just imagine, at this time, if you don’t shoot the first shot, kill a hundred people, and let this kind of remarks spread, there will be more and more Luo Changping. Then shouldn’t it ruin the CCP’s major and good deeds? Can it not make a big fuss? !

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