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Yulong County issued the No. 1 General Forest Chief Order of 2022

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Yulong County issued the No. 1 General Forest Chief Order of 2022

  Original title:[Yulong Headlines]Yulong County issued the No. 1 General Forest Chief Order of 2022

  Order on Resolutely Winning the Battle of Forest and Grassland Prevention and Fire

  At present, the county has entered a period of high fire risk in forests and grasslands. The county’s forest and grassland fire prevention work has entered a stage of overcoming difficulties with the highest fire risk level, the most hidden fire hazards and the most arduous task of fire prevention and fire prevention. The fire prevention situation is extremely severe. All departments at all levels in the county must fully recognize the severe situation and tasks they are facing, conscientiously implement the work arrangements of the party committees and governments at all levels, do their best to prevent and extinguish the fires in the forest and grassland, and strictly prevent forest and grassland fires, especially major forest and grassland fires. occur.

  First, establish a bottom-line thinking, and resolutely shoulder the political responsibility of forest and grassland fire prevention.

  All departments at all levels in the county must adhere to the safety concept of “people first, life first”, further improve their political position, put forest and grassland fire prevention and fire fighting in a prominent position, resolutely overcome paralysis, and effectively protect the county’s forest and grassland resources and ecology Safety, ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, resolutely win the battle against forests and grasslands during the high fire risk period, build important ecological security barriers in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and create a safe and stable social environment for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

  2. Strengthen organizational leadership and strictly implement the responsibility of forest and grassland fire prevention and fire fighting.

  All departments at all levels in the county must strictly implement the forest and grassland fire prevention responsibility system with the responsibility system of the local government chief executive as the core, and further suppress The actual management responsibility, the departmental industry supervision responsibility, the main responsibility of the production and operation units, and the joint prevention and control responsibility. Further promote the forest chief system, comprehensively consolidate the forest and grassland fire prevention responsibilities of the four-level forest chiefs at the county, township, village and group levels, strictly implement the “Twelve Measures for the Consolidation of Forest and Grassland Fire Prevention Work in Yulong County and Strictly Adhere to the Twelve Measures”, and consolidate the leadership at the county level. The six-level forest and grassland fire prevention responsibility system is covered by the township, the township leader, the village, the village three committee team, the team leader, the household, the head of the household, the family members, and the forest ranger. The responsibility for fire prevention of the “five key persons”, such as the team leader, the head of the household, and the owner of the forest rights, should be effectively assigned to the hilltop plot, so that “the mountains are watched, the forests are managed, the fires are guarded, and the responsibilities are borne”.

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  3. Strengthen publicity and education to create a strong forest and grassland fire prevention atmosphere.

  All departments at all levels in the county should focus on the “Regulations on Forest Fire Prevention” and “Regulations on Forest Fire Prevention in Yunnan Province”, with forest and grassland fire prevention laws and regulations, common knowledge of fire prevention and fire safety, typical cases, etc. as the main line, and continue to adopt the “Eight Ones” ( Namely: first, hold a forest and grassland fire prevention meeting, and effectively hold the forest and grassland fire prevention meeting to the villager group level, so that every household head can participate in the meeting; second, issue a notice of responsibility of the household head; third, make a batch of iron propaganda The key points are set up along the highway and at the entrance to the mountain; the fourth is to hang a batch of colorful flags on both sides of the forest road; the fifth is to print a set of forest fire prevention posters and post them to every villager group in the county, so that the public can intuitively know the “ten forest fire prevention”. The sixth is to post a fire prevention order, and the fire prevention orders at all levels are posted to each villager group; the seventh is to set up a TV propaganda column, and broadcast the forest and grassland fire prevention laws on Yulong County TV every day at prime time Laws and regulations, public service advertisements; eight is to set up a forest fire prevention knowledge class in all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the county) publicity measures, continue to create a strong atmosphere of forest and grassland fire prevention, and continue to carry out in-depth warning education, to widely publicize our county through various media. The “Yulong County Forest Fire Warning Education Film” produced by the typical cases of forest fires in recent years, uses the things and people around you to carry out warning education, strengthens the use of cases to explain the law, use cases to warn, and use cases to promote reform, and promote fire prevention publicity Education should be done horizontally to the edge and vertical to the end, so that the publicity area and publicity groups are fully covered, and no dead ends are left, and the national forest and grassland fire prevention awareness and legal concept will be continuously enhanced.

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  Fourth, take excellent measures to maintain a high-pressure situation and strictly manage wild fire sources.

  All departments at all levels in the county must always maintain a high-pressure situation of strict management and control in the management of wild fire sources, continue to investigate potential fire hazards, and focus on wild fire sources and illegal use of fire in the wild to carry out special rectification work. During the period of high fire risk in the forest and grassland, the forest and grassland fire protection zone is strictly prohibited from using fire in the wild, and strictly prohibits all kinds of fire from entering the mountains. It strictly controls the people entering the mountains, strictly implements the real-name registration of the “fire prevention code”, strictly investigates the perpetrators, and resolutely blocks the fire source in the forest below the mountain. outside. First, it is necessary to strengthen the centralized approval and supervision of the use of fire for agricultural purposes, and it is strictly forbidden to use fire for agricultural purposes without authorization. Second, we must strengthen the management of fire for construction in forest areas. In accordance with the monthly approval procedure, strictly examine and approve the hot work (electric welding, oxygen welding) of the projects under construction in the forest area, focus on the construction, production, and power transmission and distribution facilities in the forest and pastoral areas to carry out a large-scale investigation of fire hazards in forests and grasslands, and make every effort to The hidden dangers are eliminated in the bud, and the discovered hidden dangers must be rectified within a time limit; the third is to encrypt the pre-garrisoned points, forest fire inspection points (cards) points, and fire observation posts according to local conditions, and strictly control the forest area into the mountain intersection to ensure that the fire does not enter the mountain. , No fire is required in forest areas; Fourth, we must further implement the group prevention and control mechanism, improve the mechanism of joint mountain patrols between household heads and forest rangers, and at the same time, we must highlight key areas, allocate enough and strong forest rangers, and increase inspections and patrols in key forest areas. Fifth, we must strictly implement the system of linking cadres of township and township organs with key groups of people. Carefully investigate key groups of people in the jurisdiction, such as those who are demented, insane, deaf, dumb, mentally ill, and those who have a tendency to deliberate arson, and accurately register and manage them. Control key groups of people, resolutely prevent people, control fire, and truly guard against death.

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  5. Strictly abide by the bottom line of safety and ensure the safe and scientific disposal of forest and grassland fires.

  All professional fire fighting forces in the county must insist on moving the gate forward, and rely on the front to garrison in key forest areas and fire-prone areas to ensure that they can be dispatched quickly, arrive quickly, and deal with them quickly after receiving a fire alarm. In the event of a forest and grassland fire, according to the principles of unified leadership, hierarchical responsibility, and territorial management, the fire should be investigated first, the weather is unfavorable, and the terrain is unfavorable. No fire in unfavorable weather conditions, nights with poor visibility and other unfavorable times, no fire in unfavorable terrain such as cliffs, steep slopes, deep valleys and narrow valleys. Standardize the management of fire sites, do a good job of safety and avoidance, and resolutely adhere to the bottom line of no casualties.

  this order.

  Chief Forest Chief of Yulong County: Li Zihong, He Qiuzhen

   March 30, 2022

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