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Zhang Jing: There are hidden worries after Yan Ning’s high-profile return | Deng Jiaxian | Returnees

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Zhang Jing: There are hidden worries after Yan Ning’s high-profile return | Deng Jiaxian | Returnees

[Epoch Times, November 6, 2022]On the morning of November 1, at the “2022 Shenzhen Global Innovation Talent Forum”, famous structural biologist Yan Ning announced in his speech that he would resign from Princeton University and return to China full-time. Established Shenzhen Academy of Medical Sciences. The news is on the Internet media hot search list.

Yan Ning studied at Tsinghua University and Princeton University in the United States. She returned to China in 2007. She is the youngest professor and doctoral supervisor of Tsinghua University. She left China in 2017 and went to the United States to be employed as a tenured chair professor of the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University, and was later elected He is a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences and a foreign member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Foreign media titled “Yan Ning’s high-profile return to China or the return of Chinese scientists who studied abroad after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China? ” published an article with the title, comparing Yan Ning’s return to China with the return of scientists such as Qian Xuesen, a propaganda model of the CCP in the 1950s. The article quoted the Beijing News’ comment that “at a special time such as the all-round fierce competition between China and the United States and the complex and changeable international situation”. ‘, choosing to give up the favorable treatment abroad and return to work full-time in China still ‘sends some different signals’ to the society.”

The United States issued the most severe “chip ban” in early October, comprehensively curbing the CCP’s development of chips in terms of equipment, materials, technology and talents. Although the CCP has stolen many cutting-edge technologies from the United States through the “Thousand Talents Program”, basic research is still weak, and there are still many key technical points that are “stuck in the neck”. At present, the West has awakened to the CCP’s technical espionage and adopted measures. After a series of actions, the CCP can only rely on itself to solve these “stuck neck” technologies. Therefore, in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it is proposed that “scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement”, “talents are the first resource”, and “the world‘s talents are gathered for use”.

On the other hand, the CCP adheres to the policy of clearing zero. The blockade and control in various places have stopped people’s livelihood, the economy has stagnated, and people in various places have complained. Many people naturally have the idea of ​​”moisturizing”, for the sake of the next generation, for the sake of a free life, capable people Trying to escape from the CCP. Many film and television celebrities and business celebrities who have bought properties abroad have already lived abroad. At present, many ordinary people have also begun to consider selling houses and cars, and “money” to settle abroad in various ways. It has become a consensus of the domestic people.

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At this time, Yan Ning announced his resignation from the honorary faculty position of Princeton University, accepted Shenzhen’s “olive branch”, and returned to China in the opposite direction. For the CCP, the signal to the domestic people is that the CCP is still attractive and can attract top talents. Back to work in China.

Therefore, many people are discussing, what is Yan Ning’s motive for returning to China? Some people welcomed Yan Ning’s return to China; some people saw her father’s interview and said that she had always had a hometown complex; others said that the current AI technology had defeated Yan Ning and had to change careers. But in reality, some netizens in Shenzhen expressed concern about her: “Can Yan Ning endure the repeated Shenzhen inspections every day? Or does she need no inspections at her level?”

According to Yan Ning herself, she has passed the stage of absorbing learning and proving herself. In the third stage of her life, she hopes to “return the favor”, pass on what she has learned, help and support more people, and create Yiyi platform, “Let more young people rely on ‘internal driving force’ instead of various temptations from the outside world, and can explore and display their potential without worries, so as to make more truly original discoveries .”

This is of course a very noble original intention. We can’t speculate on Yan Ning’s real motive for returning to China, but Shenzhen has indeed done a lot of work to attract Yan Ning. , indeterminate level, independent post, follow the principles of council governance and academic autonomy, and implement market-based remuneration and socialized employment system for scientific researchers including the dean.”

This means that she can have a loose management system, is not restricted by the establishment, level, position, etc. within the system, can freely form a scientific research team, has a large amount of disposable funds, and can choose research fields independently. When Shenzhen “stretched out an olive branch” in such a way, Yan Ning “simply submitted an application for resignation to Princeton University”.

Yan Ning also called Shenzhen the “city of dreams” in his speech, and the goal of Shenzhen Academy of Medical Sciences is to build a world-renowned medical research institution. Everything sounds beautiful. We have to wait and see what the final result of the combination of Yan Ning and Shenzhen Academy of Medical Sciences will be, but the current reality in China does not make people feel optimistic.

The first is the political environment. After Xi Jinping took over as the general secretary of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he went to Shenzhen, which represents the Deng Xiaoping line, and expressed that he would adhere to the line of reform and opening up; After the 20th National Congress this year, he led the members of the Politburo Standing Committee to Yan’an, emphasizing Mao Zedong’s “Yan’an rectification style” and the need to strengthen the party’s leadership.

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The “Yan’an Rectification Movement” was a political movement initiated by Mao Zedong in Yan’an. A large number of people who went to Yan’an to defect to the CCP were purged, those who dared to oppose Mao’s thought were killed, and finally all people’s thoughts were unified into Mao’s thought. Xi’s emphasis on the “Yan’an Rectification Movement” suggests that Xi is likely to imitate Mao Zedong in rectifying the party and establishing his own authority.

In today’s society, the economy has been withered due to the CCP’s long-term zero-clearing policy. Recently, there has been a boom in supply and marketing cooperatives, and large canteens have reappeared. The CCP is accused of further taking the road of planned economy. Radio Free Asia reported that “Xi Jinping is vaccinating the Chinese people and asking everyone to be mentally prepared for a long-term ‘clearing’ and derailment from the world.”

Therefore, whether Shenzhen’s next step can still be the “young and vibrant dream city” remains a question mark. The “reformist” group within the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has been destroyed, and the former “reform” may turn left to “strengthen the party’s leadership”. Under the further monopoly of the CCP on social resources, the Shenzhen Academy of Medical Sciences is an institution invested by the state. It is unknown to what extent it can maintain autonomy and self-management, and whether it will be forced to embark on this road of “strengthening the party’s leadership”.

Will Yan Ning’s return to China lead to a patriotic wave of the return of Chinese overseas scientists? According to Apollo.com, Li Hengqing, director of the “Institute of Information and Strategy”, a non-governmental organization in Washington, USA, said that he has a negative attitude towards the return of scientific and technological talents. For example, many of his classmates from Tsinghua University returned to China to participate in technology entrepreneurship, but many of them returned soon, expressing that they were not accustomed to the situation and could not accept the domestic way of doing things.

In the 1950s, Qian Xuesen, Qian Sanqiang, Deng Jiaxian and others returned to China and made significant contributions to the CCP’s “two bombs and one satellite” cause. Relying on these scientists who returned from overseas, the CCP launched the first satellite on April 24, 1970. Sputnik, and has successfully carried out the explosion test of atomic bomb, nuclear bomb, missile, and hydrogen bomb before that. In the short 20 years since the establishment of the government, the CCP has successfully completed the test of two bombs and one satellite, which gives it the confidence to challenge the world.

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However, the outcome of these scientific and technological talents returning to China is a real tragedy. Most of them did not escape the disaster of the Cultural Revolution caused by the CCP’s left-leaning. For example, Yao Dongbin, a famous expert in missile and aerospace materials who had studied in the United Kingdom, was beaten to death by the Red Guards; the famous nuclear physicist and his wife Deng Jiaxian, who studied in the United States, were criticized at the same time during the Cultural Revolution; the first generation of nuclear physicists in China, Qian Sanqiang, one of the pioneers and founders of modern China’s atomic energy industry, was forced to work at the “May 7th Cadre School” when he was over sixty years old at the time; Zhao Jiuzhang, a famous geophysicist and space physicist, committed suicide after being criticized during the Cultural Revolution; Deng Jiaxian’s best disciple, Zhao Chu, once conquered an extremely complex function equation in the most critical core technology of nuclear bombs. After being criticized during the Cultural Revolution, he swallowed the unique function table and committed suicide…

Before Deng Jiaxian died, the cadres sent by the CCP anxiously asked him to reconstruct the function equation. Deng Jiaxian said: “When I closed my eyes, I saw Zhao Chu’s blood. He made me understand a truth. It is a crime to human beings to let destructive power be in the hands of forces that should not control it.”

Deng Jia paid a painful price before finally realizing the essence of the CCP, but when they returned, they all had a fiery heart to serve the country. One wrong step will not only harm themselves and their families, but also cause them to devote their energy and struggle to the cause, because the evil of the CCP has cast a layer of dust that cannot be erased.

From the 73-year history of the CCP’s establishment, it is not difficult to find all kinds of talents who believed the CCP’s lies and returned without hesitation, but without exception, in the various movements of the CCP, they eventually became victims and wasted their youth. , a waste of brilliant ingenuity. This is all due to a lack of understanding of the evil nature of the CCP. Dancing with the devil, of course, will pay a heavy price.

Now the CCP needs technical talents, and it can promise any conditions you want. But in the CCP’s struggle to protect the party and the political power, when various movements come, it will turn its face faster than a book. Yan Ning has not been naturalized in the United States, but we sincerely hope that she holds a green card in the United States, because when the wind is not right, it may be her retreat.

Responsible editor: Pu Shan

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