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Zhangjiajie, the spring of tourism is here – News – Hunan Online

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The three years of repeated epidemics have become history, and the “warm wind” blows in the middle of winter——

Zhangjiajie, the spring of tourism is here

Ning Kui, All Media Reporter of Huasheng Online

Entering the Lunar New Year, the recovery of tourism in Zhangjiajie is showing a gratifying development trend: the flow of people in scenic spots is gradually increasing, the volume of consulting business of tourism enterprises is increasing, and the turnover of hotels and restaurants is increasing day by day… This is the recovery of tourism in Zhangjiajie, and it is also the first time Hunan Tourism Development After the conference, it is a good sign that the entire Hunan tourism market is booming.

How to quickly realize the recovery of the tourism industry——

Questions that must be answered and questions that must be answered

The epidemic has been repeated for three years, and the tourist city of Zhangjiajie has endured the pain.

Employees are unemployed, tourism companies are losing money, and the city’s scenic spots have closed their doors three times to thank visitors… This is the biggest hurdle that the city has encountered in the past 30 years since its establishment.

During the dormant period during the epidemic, from the improvement of tourism products, to the improvement of infrastructure, to the improvement of service quality, Zhangjiajie tourism has been making every effort.

The holding of the first Hunan Tourism Development Conference is to prepare enough food and grass for the recovery of tourism——

Construct 110 tourism projects, and expand the basic tourism market;

A series of products such as Dayong Ancient City, Qixing Mountain, and Seventy-two Strange Buildings have opened their doors to welcome customers, and there are more and more tourism elements;

10 high-quality routes such as world heritage classic landscape tours, health and wellness holiday tours, and sports and leisure tours have been opened, and the tourism chain is getting longer and longer…

Under the strong impetus of the Tourism Development Conference, how to assess the situation and realize the rapid recovery of the tourism industry is a must-answer volume and a must-solve question for the Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

With the introduction of the new policy for epidemic prevention and control, the “difficult moment” of Zhangjiajie’s tourism industry has passed, and the “recovery moment” has arrived.

On December 8, 2022, Zhangjiajie announced that 2023 will be the year of comprehensive tourism recovery, and immediately start tourism marketing in an all-round way.

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The next day, Zhangjiajie held a plenary meeting of the Municipal Party Committee to plan and deploy the recovery, transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry.

How to answer the questions? The conference gave ideas:

In-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, promote the high-quality development of the tourism industry, and accelerate Build a world-class tourist destination.

“Implement the comprehensive tourism recovery year action, insist on two-way efforts in domestic and overseas marketing, and deepen international cultural tourism exchanges and cooperation.” Liu Ge’an, secretary of the Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee, introduced that Zhangjiajie will improve its positioning “internationalization”, promote product “systematization”, and expand the market ” Diversification, promotion of service “standardization”, and “inclusive tourism” to enrich the people continue to make efforts, implement the global tourism strategy in depth, constantly polish the name card of the wonderful mountains and beautiful waters, and accelerate the construction of a world-class tourist destination.

Everyone has products, see how you “roar”——

Find the context and write quickly

On January 1, the Zhangjiajie Forest Park was warm and sunny.

Led by figure skating winter Olympic champion Han Cong and rock climbing world champion Zhong Qixin, 3,000 mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the country climbed to the top of Huangshizhai together. The main venue of the “China Sports Lottery” 2023 National New Year Climbing Fitness Conference orgasm.

Climbing the heights in the new year is one of the nine themed activities in winter tourism marketing of “Zhangjiajie in Wonderland, Peak Fans in the World“.

How to quickly promote the recovery of tourism? On the basis of the “hard spirit” of tourism products, “shouting” is the best choice.

At the end of December 2022, Zhangjiajie made a high-profile voice through the national media, inviting domestic and foreign tourists to Zhangjiajie to enjoy the beautiful scenery, play with ice and snow, visit strange buildings, soak in hot springs, and stay in homestays, and announced that the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival holidays will offer free tickets for scenic spots. At the same time, air tickets worth 10 million RMB will be presented to residents of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Macao and other important tourist source cities.

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On January 12, a “Zhuge meeting” was held in Changsha. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park invited nearly 20 travel agencies and media to expand the province’s tourist source market, overseas tourist source market, outdoor camping, sports + tourism, In-depth discussions on photography + tourism, research tourism and other aspects.

At the same time, Zhangjiajie will travel to domestic cities such as Nanjing and Changzhou, as well as South Korea, Vietnam and other countries for tourism promotion in the near future, so as to drive the recovery of tourism in both domestic and foreign markets.

Government departments are taking action, and enterprises are also in full swing.

Large-scale activities such as the Spring Festival series of “Catching the New Year in Zhangjiajie”, the 2nd Zhangjiajie Youth Ice and Snow Carnival series activities, Internet celebrity V parade and other large-scale activities planned by tourism companies attract guests to Zhangjiajie to experience the infinite charm of winter and Spring Festival.

Wanfu Hot Springs, Maoyanhe Hot Springs, Shizhuping Hot Springs, and Jiangya Hot Springs jointly launched one-day and two-day hot spring tourism products and preferential policies for the tourist source markets in and around the province, and built a new year shopping street to provide Zhangjiajie local Special products are available for tourists to purchase.

In Wulingyuan District, where there are many scenic spots, activities such as folk culture for the New Year, RV camping, New Year Carnival, virtual digital avatar release, tens of thousands of people jogging in Zhangjiajie will be carried out successively. Tourism marketing in the region will have activities every week, every month and every season. theme.

Tourists flocked, and the scenic area became lively——

The results of the submission of papers are effective, and the dawn is beginning to appear

It is not yet full moon in the full recovery year of tourism, and the various scenic spots in Zhangjiajie have gradually returned to the bustle of previous years. Interesting cultural and tourism projects have attracted tourists, and restaurants with Tujia characteristics have a familiar taste…

With the recovery of tourism and the recovery of the economy, one policy after another is being steadily implemented, and each measure is being vigorously promoted.

On the morning of January 23, the reporter took the Tianmen Mountain cableway up, surrounded by clouds and mist, and a group of tourists marveled at the beauty of Zhangjiajie’s fairyland. Arriving at scenic spots such as Tianmen Cave, Glass Plank Road, and Yunmeng Xianding, the reporter saw that groups of tourists speaking accents from various places made the whole mountain lively.

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In Wanfu Hot Spring, nearly 2,000 tourists leisurely enjoyed the winter. Walking through it, there are 99 scattered forest hot spring pools, surrounded by water vapor and green trees. Yin Guofu, the person in charge of hot spring marketing, said that “winter” has become a “warm current”. After entering 2023, especially after the Spring Festival holiday, tourism reception will continue to rise.

Later, the reporter went to the Ice and Snow World, Baofeng Lake, He Long Memorial Hall and other scenic spots, and saw that the number of tourists had increased significantly. “Zhangjiajie is a resort for ‘cleaning the lungs’ after ‘Yangkang’.” Tong Zhixi, a tourist from Guangzhou, told the reporter that the company organized the “Negative Oxygen Ion Tour” in Zhangjiajie, which attracted more than 40 employees to sign up in less than an hour.

Data is the best answer, according to statistics from the tourism department of Zhangjiajie City——

Four days before the Spring Festival holiday, the four scenic spots of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianmen Mountain, Grand Canyon and Maoyan River received a total of 166,824 visitors, a year-on-year increase of 431.94%. Among them, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park received more than 40,000 tourists in a single day on the 24th, a year-on-year increase of 1012.85%.

“It’s going well, let’s work hard for a year!” said Zhao Shaohua, general manager of Zhangjiajie Civilian International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. At present, all travel agencies are “in motion”, tourist attraction and reception, annual planning, staff training, product updates, etc. are all in an orderly manner “We will soon go to many domestic tourist sources for tourism marketing, and plan to connect with foreign markets to make the overseas market bigger and stronger.”

“Busy can’t win! It’s hot!” On the evening of January 23, Liu Guineng, the owner of a late-night snack shop around the ancient city of Dayong, was busy all the time. He said that with the increase in the flow of people, the business is getting better every day, and many of them are consumed by foreign tourists. “The past three years have become history, and the spring of Zhangjiajie’s tourism industry has come!”

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