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Zhangzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Conference Held to Build a Solid Defense Line of Joint Defense and Joint Control- Recommend- Southeast Net Zhangzhou Channel

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Fully recognize the severe situation and implement prevention and control measures in detail, and make every effort to build a solid line of defense for joint defense, joint control, group defense and group control

Zhangzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Conference Held

On November 30, the city’s epidemic prevention and control work meeting was held to analyze and judge the current epidemic prevention and control situation in Zhangzhou City, and to deploy and promote the next stage of prevention and control work. Zhang Guowang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, emphasized that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on epidemic prevention and control, and to further understand the situation, enhance confidence, strengthen will, and work together in accordance with the deployment requirements of the provincial party committee and provincial government, so as to build joint defense, joint control, and mass epidemic prevention and control. A solid line of defense against crowd control, resolutely win the battle of normalized epidemic prevention and control, and demonstrate the concrete results of studying and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with practical actions. Mayor Wang Jinzuo made specific arrangements.

The meeting pointed out that the current epidemic situation is multi-point, wide-ranging, sporadic, and frequent, and Zhangzhou City has heavy prevention and control tasks and great pressure. Departments at all levels must clearly understand the severe and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control, resolutely overcome paralyzed thinking, war weariness, fluke mentality, and slackening mentality, scientifically and accurately grasp the various tasks of epidemic prevention and control, and strive to achieve maximum prevention and control at the lowest cost results.

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The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to effectively unify thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, unswervingly adhere to the supremacy of the people and the supremacy of life, unswervingly implement the general strategy of “foreign defense import, internal defense rebound”, and unswervingly implement the “dynamic clear Zero” general policy, fully implement the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan and 20 optimization measures, protect people’s life safety and health to the greatest extent, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development. It is necessary to improve the “early detection” mechanism, strictly implement measures such as “arrival inspection”, “three-day three-day inspection”, home health monitoring, thorough inspection of key groups, and scanning of “place codes” when entering and leaving public places. Hotels, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. serve as sentinel points, build multi-layer sieves, and build multiple lines of defense; combine remote prevention and control with end-point efforts, improve mechanisms such as building directors, home visits, and joint insurance for five households, and improve each unit The epidemic prevention and control network at the grassroots level, enterprises, and villages (communities) issued proposals through various outlets and fronts, actively mobilized the forces of all parties, and formed a powerful joint force to fight the epidemic. It is necessary to improve the “quick disposal” ability, optimize the command and dispatch system, insist on centralized office and integrated operations, build strong work teams, strengthen the coordination, connection, and dispatch of all links, and ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the command system; Strengthen the public security, disease control and other professionals to screen out risky personnel as soon as possible; accelerate the speed of nucleic acid testing, promote the efficient connection of collection, delivery, inspection, and reporting, and continuously improve testing capabilities and work efficiency. It is necessary to summarize and review in a timely manner, adhere to and apply effective experience and practices, continue to strengthen business training, popularize health knowledge and prevention and control knowledge through multiple channels, and strive to make up for shortcomings and plug loopholes. It is necessary to strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, tighten and consolidate the “quartet responsibilities” of territories, departments, units, and individuals, and effectively implement prevention and control measures to every position, every link, and every individual, so as to be responsible and responsible for keeping the soil.

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City leaders Huang Shuimu, Zhang Huide, Wu Weihong, Chen Wencong, Liao Zhuowen, Ji Guangming, Lan Wanan, Pan Quansheng, Yu Xianghong, Xiao Shenhua, responsible comrades from relevant municipal departments attended. Wu Weihong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Propaganda Department, and Director of the United Front Work Department deployed the investigation and traceability work, and Deputy Mayor Yu Xianghong reported the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in Zhangzhou City. The meeting was held in the form of video, and each county (district), development zone (investment zone) and township (street) set up branch venues. (Su Yibin, reporter from Minnan Daily)

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