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Zhejiang adopted the decision to amend the “Regulations on Population and Family Planning of Zhejiang Province” to extend maternity leave, add parental leave and one-child care leave-Zhejiang News-Zhejiang Online

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Zhejiang passed the decision to amend the “Regulations on Population and Family Planning of Zhejiang Province” to extend maternity leave, add parental leave and single-child care leave

November 25, 2021 14:45:45

Source: Zhejiang Voice

Reporter Wang Xian, trainee reporter Ma Xinyu

In order to adapt to the new situation of population and family planning work, on November 25, the thirty-second meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Provincial People’s Congress deliberated and approved the decision on amending the “Regulations on Population and Family Planning of Zhejiang Province” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) ), a large wave of fertility benefits have been prepared for parents and mothers.

The regulations will come into effect on the day of promulgation, that is to say, this wave of benefits can be enjoyed soon!

Which holidays have been extended or added? Who will pay the holiday salary?

First, make an important point. The newly revised “Regulations” extend women’s maternity leave, add parental leave, and leave for the only child to accompany parents.

In order to better protect the physical and mental recovery of women who give birth, the “Regulations” stipulate that on the basis of enjoying the national maternity leave, the woman will extend the maternity leave for one child by 60 days, totaling 158 days; for the second and third child, the maternity leave will be extended by 90 days, totaling 188 days.

The mothers are on maternity leave, and the fathers can take 15 days of nursing leave. At the same time, within the three-year-old child, each spouse can also enjoy 10 days of parental leave each year.

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The “Regulations” not only allow Bao Ma Bao Dad to take care of the children, but also give the only children time to take care of their parents. If you are an only child and the elderly in the family are over 60 years old, you can enjoy 5 days of parental leave for the only child per year.

Who will pay the salary during the vacation? The “Regulations” stipulate that wages, bonuses and other welfare benefits during the man’s nursing leave, parental leave, and parental leave accompanied by the only child shall be paid by the employer.

The child has been born, afraid of not keeping up with this wave of welfare? Don’t panic. After the implementation of the “Regulations”, if the maternity leave has not yet ended, it shall be postponed in accordance with the limits of the maternity leave stipulated in this decision.

  Inclusive childcare services help solve the worries of parenting

This wave of benefits is more than a holiday. The high cost of raising a baby and the high cost of childcare services are issues that the society reflects relatively concentratedly. In order to reduce the pressure of parenting, this revision of the “Regulations” further improves inclusive childcare services from three aspects.

In order to reduce the pressure of family parenting, the “Regulations” require the government to scientifically plan and rationally deploy inclusive childcare service institutions, and rationally allocate resources such as maternal and child health care, infant and child care, child care, preschool, primary and secondary education. At the same time, it is clearly stipulated that the people’s government of a city divided into districts should formulate specific measures to encourage social forces to establish inclusive childcare service institutions.

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The “Regulations” also leave room for localities to adapt to local conditions. The “Regulations” stipulate that the county (city, district) people’s government can grant subsidies to employers that provide childcare services. At the same time, the county (city, district) people’s government can provide childcare allowances and childcare subsidies to families with infants and young children under the age of three in accordance with local conditions.

The Regulations also stipulate that the management units of public facilities, commercial complexes, tourist attractions and other public places, employers with more female employees and their parks, commercial buildings, etc., shall fully consider the area of ​​public places, the flow of people, and parent Factors such as the stay of infants and the number of female employees during pregnancy and lactation of the employer, etc., shall construct and improve maternal and infant facilities to provide convenient conditions for infants and young children’s care and breastfeeding.

 These people receive caring attention

This revision fully takes into account the needs of special groups and fully reflects our province’s responsibility for high-quality development and construction of a common prosperity demonstration zone.

In order to achieve full coverage of the rights and interests of pregnant women, the “Regulations” stipulate that if the woman fails to enjoy maternity leave and maternity allowance due to unemployment, unemployment, flexible employment and other non-insured reasons, the county (city, district) people’s government shall combine Appropriate economic subsidies will be given to local conditions and the level of economic and social development. The specific targets and standards shall be specified by the county (city, district) people’s government.

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The protection of the legitimate rights and interests of family planning families is also one of the key points. The “Regulations” stipulate that the people’s governments at or above the county level shall establish and improve the support system for the elderly from families with only one child, and give necessary priority and care in the welfare and services for the elderly. At the same time, it is clear that an all-round support and protection system for special family planning families should be established and improved, and the support and care work mechanism led by the government and participated by social organizations should be improved. In accordance with relevant national and provincial regulations, special family planning families are provided with assistance in life care, elderly care, medical security, and spiritual comfort.

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