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Zhejiang man’s family destroyed and killed 6 people in a row with a knife

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Zhejiang man’s family destroyed and killed 6 people in a row with a knife

Recently, a man surnamed Yang in Pingyang County killed 6 people in a row with a knife. schematic diagram. (Credit: NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP via Getty Images)

[Look at China, January 21, 2023](See comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Li Xiaokui) Just two days before the New Year’s Eve,zhejiangA serial murder case was reported in Pingyang County, the province. A localman surnamed yangHolding a knife continuously on the 19thkill 6 people.According to people familiar with the matter, Yang Nan has had a relationship with the official for more than 10 years.land disputeBut there was no way to complain, and the officials involved in the dispute even put Yang Nan in a mental hospital. Yang Nan’s father was pissed off, so Yang Nan was murderous, revenge and murder.

Zhejiang man wields a knife and kills 6 in a row, locals shocking details

The Public Security Bureau of Pingyang County, Zhejiang Province reported on January 19 that a 42-year-old man surnamed Yang committed an attack with a knife in Hexi Community, Shuitou Town, Pingyang County on January 19, killing six people. , and the case is currently under further investigation.”

The outside world has noticed that the official notification did not disclose the details of the case, nor did it specify the specific content of the “dispute”.

But then a villager in Shuitou Town broke the news, saying that Yang Nan had a land dispute with his neighbors, who suspected that they had relations with local officials, and used improper means to obtain land ownership. He petitioned many times to seek justice, but there was no way to complain. Later, he was framed by corrupt officials and imprisoned in a mental hospital. For this reason, the indignant Yang Nan decided to retaliate against the relevant persons.

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It is said that Yang Nan had written a revenge list. Among the 6 people killed this time, 2 were the heads of the Hexi Community Sub-district Office, and others included the mayor and secretary of the town.

The above content has not been officially confirmed, but several insiders later confirmed that the news is true, and also described the details of Yang Nan’s murder.

A local person surnamed Chen who knew the situation told The Epoch Times that Yang killed two people, first at Xiwei Village, Shuitou Township, and then at Shangmao Road, Tengjiao Township, killing four people. Yang Nan had a clear goal in the killing. “When he killed the (village party secretary’s) family member, he said that it was none of your business. Go away.” “The family member on Shangmao Road has a little girl, and he is merciful.”

Another resident surnamed Lin from Shuitou Township also confirmed that Mr. Yang murdered two families in two places, first killing the family of the village party secretary and then the family of the land dispute mediator. A total of 6 people were killed. Originally, Yang Nan wanted to kill the mayor of Shuitou Town, but the mayor escaped. “They all have vendettas. Bullying him is too cruel. There is no way to ruin the family.”

The village party secretary forcibly seized the land, and the villagers were forced to die

Regarding the village party secretary’s forcible occupation of Yang Nan’s land, people surnamed Chen said that the murderer Yang Nan lived in Xiwei Village, Shuitou Town. Because the foundation of his house was taken over by the village cadres to build a small foreign building, it was useless to write letters to Beijing. Yang Nan’s father complained about the land issue. I was forced to die, and my mother just died of the new crown.” But Yang Nan himself was imprisoned by the local government personnel for seeking justice. “He has been exercising in prison, just to get revenge.”

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A citizen surnamed Lin in Shuitou Town added that Mr. Yang was imprisoned in a mental hospital for 2 or 3 years, his wife divorced him, and his teenage children were also taken away by his wife. Coupled with the successive deaths of his parents, it can be said that “the family has been destroyed.”

The people surnamed Lin also said, “He came out of the prison and his family was ruined.” Just kill.”

People surnamed Lin confirmed that the village secretary who was killed was a neighbor of Yang Nan, who took advantage of his power to occupy the land.

According to the resident, the homestead was originally offered for 50,000 yuan, but Yang Nan’s family only received 30,000 yuan, and 20,000 yuan was embezzled by the village secretary. “This kind of thing is very common on our side, and it is useless for you to call the police.” “The police don’t care about those with a little bit of power, and the officials protect each other. It’s like this on our side.”

In response to the murder of six people by Yang Nan, Chinese human rights lawyer Zhang Jianping told Radio Free Asia that in fact, it is very common for local officials in mainland China under the CCP to deter petitioners from petitioning and detain petitioners in mental hospitals.

He also pointed out, “From a legal point of view, when the government detains Yang Nan in a mental hospital, it basically recognizes that the prisoner is a mental patient, and he does not need to bear criminal responsibility for his murder. It depends on how the government will convict Yang Nan and how Explaining their past behavior, all parties are quite concerned about how the court will judge.”

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