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Zhejiang Takes the Heat: Sweeping the Top Ten Hottest Places in the Country

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Zhejiang Takes Top Ten Hottest Spots in the Country

Hangzhou Net, July 12, 2023 – Zhejiang province in China is currently experiencing scorching temperatures, with most parts of the province crossing the 35°C high temperature line. The province has even secured all ten spots on the list of the hottest places in the country.

According to data from 2,418 national automatic stations, Zhejiang claimed the top ten hottest spots in the nation by 12 o’clock noon. The high temperatures prompted the Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory to upgrade the high temperature orange warning signal to a high temperature red warning signal at 12:50. As of 2:00 pm, Zhejiang continued to firmly occupy all ten spots on the list, maintaining its position as the hottest region in the country.

The sweltering weather in Zhejiang can be attributed to the subtropical high, which is currently affecting the region. Lei Yuan, a senior engineer at the Zhejiang Provincial Climate Center, explained that the subtropical high is a warm high-pressure system composed of downdrafts. In areas under its control, the weather tends to be hot and rainy. Zhejiang has been under the influence of the subtropical high recently, resulting in drought and high temperatures.

The situation has sparked curiosity among residents, as Zhejiang’s heatwave seems to be unique compared to other regions. It is speculated that the geographical location and the presence of the subtropical high are the main factors contributing to the extreme heat in the province.

While the scorching temperatures have posed challenges for the residents, it has also attracted attention from weather enthusiasts and researchers. Scientists are closely monitoring the situation to better understand the effects of the subtropical high and its implications for the region’s climate patterns.

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As the province grapples with the intense heat, local authorities are urging residents to take necessary precautions to stay safe and cool. They have advised people to avoid direct sun exposure, stay hydrated, and minimize outdoor activities during the peak hours of the day.

The extreme heatwave serves as a reminder for the importance of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. Zhejiang, like many other regions around the world, is experiencing the impacts of rising temperatures and extreme weather events, underscoring the need for sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Residents in Zhejiang are hoping for relief from the relentless heat, as they eagerly anticipate cooler temperatures and more pleasant summer conditions in the coming days.

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