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Zhengzhou’s notification of depositors’ red code incident strangely missed a party | Henan Rural Bank | CPC. Zhengzhou Disciplinary Supervision Commission | Crime of Abuse of Power

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Zhengzhou’s notification of depositors’ red code incident strangely missed a party | Henan Rural Bank | CPC. Zhengzhou Disciplinary Supervision Commission | Crime of Abuse of Power

[The Epoch Times, June 24, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Li Linqing interviewed and reported) Some village banks in Henan exploded. Savers rushed to Zhengzhou to defend their rights from all over the country, but the normal health code was given a red code when they arrived in Henan, and the depositors at home were also given a red code. The incident continued to ferment, and Zhengzhou issued a report on accountability for the red code incident. The outside world said that the report omitted the strangeness of the relevant institutions, and replaced the national law with party discipline to absolve CCP officials.

Zhengzhou’s official notification on the red code incident for Henan depositors was released

On the evening of June 22, the Zhengzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China issued an accountability report on the incident of the health code of some village bank depositors in Henan turning into a red code, saying that five officials including the executive deputy secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Law Committee were punished for “disorderly behavior”. .

According to the report, Feng Xianbin, executive deputy secretary of Zhengzhou Municipal and Legal Committee, and Zhang Linlin, secretary of the Communist Youth League Municipal Committee, instructed Zhao Yong, director of the Political and Legal Committee’s stability maintenance guidance, Chen Chong, a member of the Big Data Bureau, and Yang Yaohuan, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou Big Data Development Co., Ltd. The health code of depositors of famous village and town banks has changed from green code to red code.

Feng Xianbin is the head of the social management and guidance department of the Zhengzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, and Zhang Linlin is the deputy head. According to the report, Feng Xianbin and Zhang Linlin were respectively responsible for major and important leadership, while Chen Chong, Yang Yaohuan, Zhao Yong and others were directly responsible; Feng Xianbin was also revoked from party and government positions, and Zhang Linlin was given a serious warning within the party and demotion of government affairs, while Chen Chong, Yang Yaohuan and others were revoked. Zhao Yong’s punishments were the major demerits in government affairs and demerits in government affairs.

The incident stemmed from the fact that on April 18, banks in Xinminsheng Village, Yuzhou, Henan, Shangcai Huimin Village, and Tuocheng Huanghuai Village closed the online withdrawal and transfer functions without any warning, on the grounds that system maintenance was in progress.

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According to financial reports, many village and town banks in Henan Province “exploded”, and the rights and interests of hundreds of thousands of depositors across the country were damaged, with a total of nearly 40 billion yuan.

Depositors from all over the world, unable to mention their money online, rushed to Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, to defend their rights. However, some savers’ health codes have inexplicably turned into “red codes”, and savers have continued to raise banners to defend their rights.

Official notification strangely misses a party

In this regard, current affairs commentator Wang He told The Epoch Times on June 23 that the bank involved was one of the parties involved in the incident where the health code of the depositor of Henan Rural Bank became a red code. However, the accountability report of the Zhengzhou authorities did not mention the bank involved, which seemed strange.

“If the bank involved did not provide the relevant depositors’ personal information, the red code incident could not have happened, but the bank was not dealt with, which is very strange.

“It is very likely that several of the township banks involved have serious problems behind them. Therefore, in the handling of the health code incident, (the authorities) kept the banks down and did not want to let the society pay attention to this. And ‘selective’ Law enforcement’ is the CCP’s usual routine,” Wang He said.

In addition, regarding Feng Xianbin’s main leadership responsibility for the red code incident, current affairs commentator Professor Zhang Tianliang pointed out in his recent video program that the Henan red code incident not only spanned IT, health and other industries and related management departments, but also crossed regions. , Without the participation of the higher-level political and legal system and the Henan Provincial Party Committee, it is impossible to coordinate so many industries.

NetEase and other mainland media also reported that the explosion of some village banks in Henan was caused by Henan New Fortune Group’s manipulation and use of these banks to commit crimes, and a number of criminal suspects have been arrested. “The suspected criminal behavior in this case lasted for a long time, there were many participants, and the case was very complicated” and so on. This is considered by the outside world that the official is throwing the blame on the company.

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Lawyer: The person involved in the red code incident committed the crime of abuse of power

According to a notice issued by the Zhengzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, of the 1,317 village bank depositors assigned red codes, 871 had never been to Zhengzhou, and 446 were assigned red codes after entering Zhengzhou premises to scan the codes.

The Zhengzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China also stated in the accountability report that the behavior of Feng Xianbin and other five people who gave red codes without authorization was “a typical disorderly act”.

Chen Guangcheng, a mainland-based human rights lawyer based in the United States, told The Epoch Times on June 23 that the CCP’s handling of the five persons involved is a typical example of “the gang’s rules replace the law.”

He also said that using stability maintenance as an excuse to arbitrarily change other people’s health codes to control others is a crime in itself.

“Their actions actually violated the crime of abuse of power in China‘s criminal law, and violation of this clause involves issues such as sentencing. This should be determined according to the specific circumstances and consequences.” Chen Guangcheng said.

Chen Guangcheng emphasized that according to China‘s “Criminal Law”, the actions of the five individuals held accountable by the Zhengzhou authorities “caused serious adverse social impact”, and the circumstances of the crime should be particularly serious, and they should be sentenced to at least three years in prison.

Paragraph 1 of Article 397 of China‘s “Criminal Law” stipulates that a person who commits the crime of abuse of power shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention; if the circumstances are particularly serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years. And “causing bad social impact” belongs to the category of particularly serious circumstances.

The CCP’s gang rules override the law to absolve the people involved in the red code case

Current affairs commentator Tang Jingyuan also pointed out in his June 22 video program that giving red codes without authorization is criminal in nature.

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He said that when they deducted a red code that did not exist on the depositor’s account, they were falsifying the health code outright, resulting in these depositors being detained in disguised form, losing their money, contracts, and even delaying exam opportunities, etc. etc., “This has constituted a serious social harm”.

Tang Jingyuan also emphasized that based on the positions of Feng Xianbin and others, it is impossible to see that they have any direct intersection with the banking and financial system, and it is impossible for them to know the bank information of depositors, plus they randomly assign red codes to depositors’ health codes for no reason.” At least it is suspected of having violated the illegal and criminal acts of obstructing the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and illegally obtaining depositor information for power and money transactions.”

“The authorities only give a little punishment within the party and replace the national law with gang rules, which is a bit insulting to the public’s IQ,” Tang Jingyuan pointed out.

He believes that Feng Xianbin and others should first be subject to judicial investigation, and they must also be investigated to find out why they are cleaning up the mess for the Thunder Bank, and what benefits they have gained.

Chen Guangcheng also said that in the current state of China under the CCP, it is impossible for the judiciary to investigate these five people, and the CCP’s gang rules are above the law.

“What has been dealt with according to its (CCP’s) gang rules, as long as it decides not to hand it over to the judiciary, the judiciary has no right to intervene. The party’s discipline inspection department issued such a thing (accountability notice), (next) It has nothing to do with your country’s judicial system.

“In terms of law, the procuratorate has this right and can do this, but the Communist Party does not allow it, and it (the procuratorate) dare not do it. This is a hooligan system, so China‘s law is nothing but nothing,” Chen Guangcheng emphasized. .

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