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Zhong Yuan: How outrageous the CCP’s propaganda and worship meetings are (Part 2) | Facts | Sino-US Relations

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[EpochTimesNovember192021]After the video meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping on November 16, the Chinese Communist Party media appeared very excited and carried out a series of propaganda; but after comparing the facts one by one, you will discover how much the CCP propaganda. Outrageous.

Continued from the previous article: How outrageous the CCP’s propaganda and worship meetings are (part one)

The details of the visit meeting that the Chinese Communist Party media pay attention to

On November 16th and 17th, Xinhua News Agency published review articles one after another, “The China-US Video Summit, these ten details are extraordinary! “, “The First Observation · Moment | The details of the first video meeting between China and the US dollar are meaningful” (hereinafter collectively referred to as “details”). The details of the Chinese Communist Party media’s attention are indeed different from those of normal people.

1. The video summit is only because of the epidemic?

“Details” says:

This is a video summit… The Chinese leader also smiled and said: Hello, Mr. President. Today is the first video meeting between us. I am very happy to see an old friend… This is indeed the first video meeting between the two of us. This is due to the epidemic… Finally, the US proposes to hold a video meeting… Biden Said: I hope our dialogue can be frank and frank, like the past… “Like the past.” It seems that Biden is still very touching.

Fact check

U.S. President Biden has been in office for 10 months and has met at least twice with the heads of major countries in the world, such as Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, Australia, India, South Korea, etc., as well as EU leaders. Ten months later, Biden and Xi Jinping can still only meet by video, which does not seem to be an “old friend” relationship.

Does the epidemic proposed by the CCP refer to the US epidemic or the Chinese epidemic? Biden kept on visiting and inviting foreign heads of state to visit, but he was not hindered by the epidemic. If the CCP is referring to the epidemic in China, does it mean that the epidemic in China has always been much more serious than the published figures?

The epidemic is probably just an excuse. Xi Jinping is more likely to be caught in an internal struggle and afraid to leave Beijing. He also absent from major international summits such as the G20. It is estimated that he is also worried about being embarrassed by face-to-face questioning. The visit to Xi’s video conference deeply reflected the reality of the CCP’s diplomatic isolation.

The Chinese Communist Party media deliberately exaggerated “like in the past.” In fact, they hope that Biden can return to the past Sino-US relations, but the CCP also knows that it cannot go back. Regardless of the reality of Sino-US relations, the CCP has repeatedly proposed Sino-U.S. “cooperation”, but the video meeting was proposed by the United States. It is hard to see that the CCP really wants to take the initiative to “cooperate.”

Second, finally able to look at the United States

“Details” says:

The video meeting started at 8:46 am on the 16th in Beijing, and 7:46 pm on the 15th in Washington…We happen to be the beginning of a new day, and the night in the United States is getting darker…Who is more active? In the words of a friend, the US obviously has to work overtime in the middle of the night. Do you think the US is active or passive? But at least one thing is very clear. We can see the level of diplomacy of our major powers. We do not look up, nor do we look down, but look up, even if the other party is the United States… Just a few hours ago, Biden finally signed the Infrastructure Construction Act, which is not easy.

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Fact check:

The CCP interprets the time lag between China and the United States as “active” and “passive”, which seems to be a layman in international exchanges, and even the common problems of time lag have been politicized.

The Chinese Communist Party media is of course not praising the professionalism of US government officials, but to belittle them. After Biden signed the major bill, he was ready to meet with Xi Jinping. It can be seen that this video meeting is only part of Biden’s daily work, but the CCP is like a big enemy and high-profile propaganda.

The CCP also claimed that “even if the other party is the United States”, it can “look up”. Could it be that the CCP could not “look up” to the United States before? I don’t know if this is to raise myself, or to belittle my past. The resolution of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China claimed that “the Chinese people stood up” in 1949, but now they are “stronger.” Why did they dare to “look up to the United States” just now?

Biden lives and works in the White House, and participates in video conferences at the White House. The CCP stated that the meeting began at 8:46 am Beijing time. It is conceivable that when Xi Jinping needs to leave for the Great Hall of the People and when other officials need to leave? Xi Jinping’s entourage and the staff of the Great Hall of the People, I’m afraid they will have to prepare just before dawn. Xi Jinping’s nearly 4,000-word speech has been repeatedly scrutinized by many people, and I’m afraid I haven’t had a good night’s sleep.

3. Speech by the leaders of the Communist Party of China Biden takes the record

“Details” says:

The words of the Chinese leader… not only do our own domestic affairs well, but also shoulder our due international responsibilities to jointly promote the noble cause of peace and development of mankind… This is the pattern, responsibility, thinking and thoughts of Chinese leaders. Feelings… Watching the video, when the Chinese leader speaks, Biden is very serious. He takes a pen from time to time and takes notes; sometimes he lifts his cheeks and thinks.

Fact check:

The CCP tried to portray Xi Jinping as a world leader, but Xi Jinping has not set foot in the country in the past two years. Seeing the United States and its allies discussing and arranging a series of major international affairs, the CCP has been left aside. The US withdrew from Afghanistan. The CCP wanted to fill the vacuum for a while, but now it realizes that it is difficult to solve even the backyard, the series of internal problems in China have no solution, and I am afraid it is even less capable of paying attention to the world.

The CCP portrayed Biden as a CCP official, and hurriedly pretended to take notes when listening to Xi Jinping’s speech to show loyalty. The basic principle of two-way communication is to express and listen correctly. Xi Jinping is praised by the Chinese Communist Party media as the leader of talkative talk. Biden does not want to listen to what the Chinese Communist Party media say. Of course, the Chinese Communist Party media does not report it. Such a key video meeting is only regarded as a show by the CCP, and it is naturally difficult to achieve effective results.

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4. Who has lost his own people

“Details” says:

After reading the Xinhua News Agency Bulletin carefully, a kind of self-confidence is really rushing to the face…A politician’s actions, no matter merits or demerits, must be remembered in history…I will have no self, no Negative people… more than slogans, more action… Americans, you have to think carefully… Today’s China is indeed not the previous China… Dare to fight, be good at fight…

Fact check:

The CCP media tried to raise the CCP leader again, but the CCP destroyed Sino-US relations and encountered a series of sanctions. The supply chain is being withdrawn from China on a large scale. A large number of migrant workers are unemployed. Injury, is this considered as “live up to the people” or “have up to the people”?

History does have to “make a good mark”. The CCP’s war wolf diplomacy has severely reduced China’s international status, but the CCP still has to “struggle”. China’s prospects are really worrying.

Biden clearly wants to “continue to defend his own interests and values” and propose a strategy of “competition” with the CCP; however, the CCP continues to “compete” with the United States, and the CCP leaders regard their prestige above all else. The so-called details that the CCP media pay attention to show that the CCP does not have the virtue and ability to govern the country, nor is it worthy to govern the country.

Who ruined Sino-U.S. relations

On November 17, Xinhua News Agency issued another article, “Xinhua Times: Promoting China-US Relations to Return to the Track of Healthy and Stable Development”, “Pilot the rudder and lead the Sino-US giant ship to move forward together-the first video meeting between China and the United States sends a positive signal to the world “(Hereinafter referred to as “Xinhua Times Review”).

“Xinhua Times Review” stated:

Some U.S. politicians often designate China as an “imaginary enemy”… For some time, the new U.S. government has generally continued the extreme and wrong China policies of the previous administration, and pieced together anti-China circles in the international community… It’s difficult. In the past few months, representatives of China and the United States have met successively in Anchorage, the United States, Tianjin, China, Zurich, Switzerland, and Rome, Italy. “List” and “Three Bottom Lines”…

Fact check:

The Xinhua News Agency once again assigned the responsibility for the deterioration of Sino-US relations to the United States and to the previous US government. In 2020, the CCP concealed the epidemic, deliberately spread the virus, and used the virus as a tool or weapon to fight for hegemony with the United States, far beyond the bottom line of mankind, but it counted on the U.S. to accept the plant and continue to cooperate with the CCP. When the former U.S. President Trump was in office, the CCP did not dare to be so arrogant. It only dared to repeat “no conflict or confrontation.”

After Biden took office, the CCP determined that Biden was weak and continued to provoke and pressure him with high profile. The Chinese Communist Party media should have not forgotten that during the Sino-US diplomatic talks in Alaska in March, Xinhua News Agency created a “smell of gunpowder” outside the venue.

In July, when U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Sherman offered to visit China, Wang Yi first refused to come forward. Later, when the United States wanted to cancel the itinerary, Wang Yi was forced to agree to come forward. Communicate effectively.

In September, Biden had to call Xi Jinping in person to promote communication at the work level.

In October, Yang Jiechi, Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Communist Party of China, met with US National Security Adviser Sullivan and opposed the definition of “competition” in Sino-US relations.

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The CCP’s performance of the Wolf Warriors in the past year has repeatedly led to a deadlock in Sino-US relations. Now that Biden adheres to the “competitive” strategy, the CCP has no choice but to start talking about competition. The CCP knows that “China-US relations will not go back to the past,” but it deceives itself and claims that it is “returning to the right track of healthy and stable development,” but it tries to conceal a series of diplomatic failures.

On November 9, Biden extended the military-related investment ban on Chinese companies for one year; US lawmakers are visiting Taiwan. That evening, Qin Gang, the Chinese Communist Party’s ambassador to the United States, read Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter at the dinner of the Committee on US-China Relations, saying that he “expressed China’s positive attitude and principled position on the development of Sino-US relations”. On August 31, Qin Gang said, “If we can’t resolve our differences, please shut up.” Two months later, he suddenly expressed a “positive attitude”. This was actually a necessary adjustment made by the CCP after seeing a series of mistakes.

No Sino-U.S. cooperation is absolutely impossible”?

“Xinhua Times Review” stated:

Xi Jinping said that Sino-US cooperation may not be omnipotent, but it is absolutely impossible without Sino-US cooperation.

Fact check:

There is not much time left in 2021, but there is very little cooperation between China and the United States, and cooperation on climate change is only verbal. Under the condition that China and the United States have basically no cooperation, international affairs continue to move forward. A series of cooperation between the United States and its allies does not involve the CCP, and the leaders of the CCP do not participate in international summits. Without Sino-US cooperation, international cooperation will continue, and cooperation between countries with common ideas will actually be smoother. The United States is about to host the World Democracy Summit, and the CCP is still unable to participate.

Facts have shown that there is no “omnipotent” or “absolutely impossible” cooperation between two countries in the world.

The CCP has made high-profile claims of cooperation, but in reality it has repeatedly refused to cooperate. At the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China on November 18, a reporter asked: Sullivan, Assistant to the National Security Affairs of the US President, said that during the meeting, China agreed to cooperate with the US on nuclear weapons treaties. Can you confirm?

However, Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China, said, “China has released a press release on the meeting between the two heads of state. I have no more information to provide you.”

The CCP said it would not want the “new cold war” and also said it would avoid “conflicts,” but it refused to commit to nuclear arms negotiations. It still has to continue the arms race and continue to fight for hegemony with the United States. The so-called “cooperation” is just another deceptive trick.

The visit to the video conference failed to show the achievements of the CCP’s high-profile propaganda, but it further revealed that the foundation and areas of cooperation between China and the United States are declining. Both China and the United States try to avoid the “new cold war”, but the “new cold war” has already begun, and the CCP’s outrageous propaganda is just self-deception. (over)

——The Epoch Times debut

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