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Zhou Xiaohui: Han Zheng, the Shanghai housekeeper, was grilled in the “rumor” | Zhuge Yujie | Li Qiang | Xiaohonglou

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Zhou Xiaohui: Han Zheng, the Shanghai housekeeper, was grilled in the “rumor” | Zhuge Yujie | Li Qiang | Xiaohonglou

[Epoch Times, May 25, 2022]On May 24, several media outlets including China First Finance, Sina Finance, Zhihu, etc. suddenly launched a blockbuster news at the same time, that is, there is a company called Chaosheng Foods in Shanghai. Ltd., participated in the guarantee after only 6 days of registration.

According to a report from Yicai.com, the cause of the incident is that recently, a resident of Gaojing Town, Baoshan District, Shanghai found that one of the suppliers of materials planned to be distributed recently has only been established for 6 days, which is quite doubtful. The first financial reporter conducted multiple interviews and researches for this.

The reporter found that Shanghai Chaosheng Food Co., Ltd. has become a new round of vegetable bag (10 catties) suppliers launched by Gaojing Town, Baoshan District on May 23, while the previous supplier was a company established in 2017. What is even more strange is that Chaosheng Food Company was established on May 17, 2022, with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. The paid-in capital and the number of insureds have not been announced. Its shareholders are Zheng Shilei, accounting for 50% of the shares, and Chang Yanqing accounting for 50% of the shares. 50% of the shares, and the registered address is No. 669, Langong Road, Tinglin Town, Shanghai (Zhongpu Park). The business scope includes general items: food sales (only pre-packaged food is sold), etc.

A company that has only been established for 6 days has immediately become a guaranteed supply company, and its background is definitely not ordinary. Reporters continue to help us probe. He found through Tianyan’s information that Zheng Shilei and Chang Yanqing, the two major shareholders of Chaosheng Food Company, have 7 joint ventures or cooperative enterprises (including Shanghai Chaosheng Food Co., Ltd.), and the other 6 are: Shanghai Weiyan Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Qinqian Trading Co., Ltd., Shanghai Maizai Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yizhen Trading Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yujiang Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Xingyi Industrial Co., Ltd.

Most of these companies’ business scope includes food sales, edible agricultural product wholesale, edible agricultural product retail and other businesses. Most of them are established with two people each holding 50% of the equity. The registered capital is 1 million yuan, and the paid-in capital and the number of insured Most of them have not been announced, and most of the registered addresses are on the 3rd floor of Building 2, No. 511, Xiaowan Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai, and the establishment of these companies is concentrated from late April to mid-May 2022.

Why did the two of them set up so many companies when the epidemic in Shanghai was the worst? How much are they involved in Shanghai’s government guarantees? How much money did they make in those two months? I believe many people are very interested.

The reporter inquired in the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Living Material Guarantee Enterprise Query Database updated as of May 8, 2022 and found that none of the above-mentioned enterprises were among them. As for why companies that are not in the list of guarantee enterprises can make guarantees, Gaojing The town government staff said they did not know, but they would report it. However, the reporter learned from a person from the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce that companies that are not on the “white list” of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce can also become suppliers of government procurement packages, but they need to report to the relevant food inspection departments. check.

The reporter immediately interviewed Chang Yanqing. He said that he was “out of good intentions and wanted to make some contribution to ensuring the supply.” Seeing that the supply of materials in the market was in short supply, he applied for a number of new companies. Start the application, the application procedures are compliant and complete. As for why there is no company on the official supply guarantee list, but it is involved in the actual supply guarantee business, Chang Yanqing said that many of the suppliers she contacts now are food manufacturers, and they are all qualified for supply guarantee, and they There is no problem with the quality of the goods, and the prices are all fair.

Chang Yanqing’s defense is actually very weak, because in the face of such a large-scale government procurement and low-hanging fruit, so many qualified companies can fully undertake the matter of guaranteeing the supply, so why should a new company be established? To give a simple example, the blocking of JD.com, which has sufficient materials and supply chains, in Shanghai is very telling.

In this way, the thoughtful Yicai reporter led readers step by step to the background of questioning Chang Yanqing, but he did not break the question, and the account that often exposed the amazing truth was the “proud girl” Twitter. Finish. On the same day, its Twitter directly revealed that Chang Yanqing is the younger brother of Chang Yanping, the second wife of Zhuge Yujie, the current deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, secretary general and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee. Chang Yanping is currently a senior executive of Haitong Securities.

I see. Because he is the brother-in-law of the deputy secretary of Shanghai, he can know the inside information, predict that Shanghai will be closed and controlled in advance, and Shanghai needs a lot of food and other materials, and can quickly register the company without having to deal with the difficulties of relevant departments, and it is during the closure and control period. Difficult, difficult to seal the time period. Sure enough, the background is unusual.

However, it is obviously not a good thing for such a good person to be exposed and pushed to the forefront, and Chang Yanqing, a pawn, was exposed, pointing to his backer brother-in-law. Some netizens said, “This article is published at this time, will a new round of personnel struggle be launched?”

Zhuge Yujie, 51, a native of Shanghai, is currently one of the youngest senior officials at the provincial and ministerial level in China. He has worked in Shanghai for nearly 30 years. In 2013, he was appointed as the mayor of Yangpu District. In January 2015, he was appointed as the secretary of the Yangpu District Party Committee. In July 2016, he was appointed as the deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. In May 2017, he concurrently served as a member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the General Office, and Secretary of the Party Committee of Municipal Organizations, holding real power. In March 2022, he served as the deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the first deputy secretary of the provincial party committee of the “post-70s”. In May of the same year, he concurrently served as secretary of the Municipal Political and Legal Committee. In Shanghai’s land boundary, he is a typical “local snake” and has a high position.

It is worth noting that Zhuge Yujie is a close confidant of Han Zheng, the current member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China. It is said that he was promoted by Han Zheng to the “big housekeeper” of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee.

Previously, Li Qiang exposed the inside story of Yangpu’s “Xiaohonglou” pornography club and won a group of officials, and Zhuge Yujie and even Han Zheng, who had worked in Yangpu District, may also be involved. The wrestling between Li Qiang and Zhuge Yujie is actually the wrestling between Xi and Han Zheng and the Shanghai Gang. Nowadays, the epidemic situation in Shanghai is easing, and it is exposed that Zhuge Yujie’s brother-in-law used his privilege to participate in guaranteeing the supply.

Soon, on the evening of the 24th, the Shanghai media began to “refute rumors” on the Internet, saying that Chang Yanqing was a woman, not Chang Yanping’s younger brother, and none of Haitong Securities executives was named Chang Yanping. Subsequently, the Shanghai police also arrested a “rumor maker”. Chang Yanqing also expressed anger, saying that she was an ordinary person and “felt very aggrieved”.

However, “refuting the rumors” does not deny that Zhuge Yujie’s wife is called Chang Yanping. Now that there is no Chang Yanping among the senior executives of Haitong Securities, it does not mean that there was no Chang Yanping in the past, and there is only one difference in the names of Chang Yanqing and Chang Yanping. Too coincidental. As for whether Chang Yanqing is a man or a woman, it is also a mystery. To “refute the rumor”, you can find a female Chang Yanqing to confuse everyone. More importantly, if Chang Yanqing is just an ordinary person, how can he register a company so quickly and participate in the government’s guarantee? You must know that even a big company like JD.com can’t do it. Are Chang Yanqing, Chang Yanping and Zhuge Yujie really unrelated?

What is even more interesting is that just after the “rumours were refuted”, some netizens revealed more inside information. For example, there is an executive named Gao Xiuping in Chang Yanqing’s company. 13 companies established. From interior decoration to network technology, from food supply to legal consultation, there is nothing that Mr. Gao can’t do. But her most important identity is actually a shareholder of Shanghai Dingrui Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., and Dingrui mainly helps other companies handle agency bookkeeping, tax planning, and company registration. Coincidentally, the two security companies in Gaojing Town are both Ding Rui’s customers. Is this “Gao Xiuping” a pseudonym of Chang Yanping?

There are also many netizens who directly said: No matter how cheap the price is, no matter how good the quality is, it cannot change the suspicion of becoming a supplier through non-competitive means.

Obviously, the wrestling behind it is very tense. No matter who shot the “rumor”, there must be some shady “rumors” that had some impact on Zhuge Yujie. Although the exposure may not be able to move Zhuge Yujie’s fundamentals, because it is common for relatives to use their power to grab benefits among senior CCP officials, but public opinion will still have a certain impact on his barbecue, such as whether he will be able to enter the Central alternate committee in the future. The target of the exposer may not only point to Zhuge Yujie, but also to warn the Han Zheng and Jiang faction forces behind him who are disrupting the situation in Shanghai. Does Xi Jinping want to move Han Zheng? The CCP’s high-level game is really not going to give up unless it is a life-and-death struggle.

Responsible editor: Pu Shan

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