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Zhouzhi County: Party Building Leads the Building of Fortresses, Grid Refinement and Weaving of Defense Lines

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Zhouzhi County: Party Building Leads the Building of Fortresses, Grid Refinement and Weaving of Defense Lines

2022-01-07 08:57:23Source: Xi’an News Network

On January 3, at 21:30, the city’s epidemic prevention and control video conference was held to arrange the deployment of key tasks such as nucleic acid screening for all employees, social management and control, and city guarantees…

At 1 am the next day, the county epidemic prevention and control work deployment meeting was held to arrange a new round of nucleic acid screening for all employees…

At 1:50 in the morning, the towns and streets immediately communicated the content and requirements of the city and county epidemic prevention and control work conferences, and made full deployment…

At 5 o’clock in the morning, all the staff of the village groups (communities) of the county have arrived…

Chenguang Weixi, the county’s 1,465 sinking party members and cadres are ready to go, and together with grassroots party members and cadres, they launched a new round of nucleic acid screening work for all members and launched a general attack on the epidemic…

In December 2021, a sudden epidemic raided Xi’an. Facing the complicated situation of the epidemic, Zhouzhi County, which is stationed at the west gate of Xi’an, quickly integrated resources and implemented the “grid management, small unit operations” work model, and weave a dense epidemic prevention and control network at the critical stage of blocking the spread of the epidemic. , So that the epidemic prevention and control will be “no dead ends” in the land of Jinzhou. To prevent the importation and guard the west gate of Xi’an, stop the spread of the epidemic and hold the last hurdle.

Woven dense grid.

The Zhouzhi County Party Committee and the county government strictly follow the provincial and municipal epidemic prevention and control work arrangements, clarify ideas, regard the countryside as the main battlefield of the county’s epidemic prevention and control, call on the grassroots party organizations and party members and cadres to play the role of fighting fortresses and the vanguard role of party members, and mobilize the entire organization. Party organizations at all levels in the county and the majority of party members and cadres have built a tight line of defense against the masses.

In Dazhaizi Village, Furen Town, Zhouzhi County, a grid system consisting of 45 grid members, 3 medium grid lengths, and 2 large grid lengths was constructed with a grid system of point-to-surface, surface-to-surface promotion and continuous advancement. The lattice structure provides guarantee for finding out the basics of epidemic prevention work and consolidating responsibilities. On January 4, when the nucleic acid testing work for all employees in Nandaping Village, Guangji Town was about to end, the cadres of the “two committees” of the village combined with the nucleic acid sampling data of the day and compared the number of residents in the village, and found that some people did not participate in time Nucleic acid amplification testing. Hou Yingjun, the secretary of the village party branch, quickly summoned party members and cadres in the village, and carried out the “knock on door” operation from house to house in accordance with the mechanism of the grid members contracting households, and asked each household in detail about the completion of nucleic acid sampling on that day. At the same time, the county’s party members and cadres raced against time and “knocking on doors” from door to door to ensure that the town did not miss villages, village groups, groups did not miss households, and households did not miss out on the day of nucleic acid screening.

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“It’s okay, don’t need to rest, I’ll take a sip of hot water, and I will go and see if the captured party members have finished today’s killing…” It was Wang Mouli, the party secretary of Dajian Village, Zhongnan Town. As the leader of the large grid for several days, he has been taking the lead to stick to the front line of prevention and control in Murakami. Before saying this, he fell asleep while sitting on the bench in the lobby while waiting for the boiling water. In Zhouzhi and on the front line, party members and cadres are both “guides” for order maintenance and “guardians” of mass safety, gathering the “hard core force” for the prevention and control of the Zhouzhi epidemic.

Zhouzhi County refines its grid responsibilities and weaves densely-woven anti-epidemic nets. Established the leaders of the town and village and the branch secretary (director) as the leaders of the large grid with 377; the village leaders and group leaders as the leaders of the middle grid with 3393; the party members as the central households, village representatives, poverty alleviation grid members, and Ping An The administrators and other personnel are 6586 people in the small grid, which achieves full coverage of the grid, ensuring that the epidemic prevention and control measures will not be settled or missed in the implementation, so that the grid will truly become a clairvoyant and a clairvoyant that understands the dynamics of the epidemic at any time. Omniscient.

Houzhenzi Town, 88 kilometers away from Zhouzhi County, based on its own reality, called on village representatives, poverty alleviation grid members, and safety governance grid members to participate in this round of anti-epidemic work. Everyone divides the work and cooperates to carry out key investigations, mobilization and publicity, service guarantees, etc., to ensure that the responsibility is assigned to each person. The special environment in the mountainous area has allowed party members and cadres to become “waiters” and “servicemen”, creating “order-based” material support services, setting up special security classes, further detailing the agency mechanism, arranging 3 material supply vehicles, opening up a green channel, and allowing The prevention and control of the epidemic is strong and warm. Up to now, it has purchased more than 100 times and reserves more than 15 tons of materials, which has solved the worries of the people in the town and let the people staying in the mountains “stay at home and feel at home”. At present, 18 towns and streets and 237 administrative villages in the county have implemented that one town party committee member shall capture one branch, one village branch member shall capture 10 party member central households, and one party member central household shall capture no more than 30 households. The mass contact mechanism allocates party members and cadres according to actual work needs, allocates anti-epidemic materials, manages and controls jurisdictions, forms stuck duty teams and information queues, acts in a unified manner, and plays the “first move” in epidemic prevention and control.

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Take precautions.

“Although it is very hard on duty in the winter night, I never feel that it is hard. To protect the west gate of Xi’an is to protect each of our small homes!” Geng Meng is a female police officer of the Zhouzhi Procuratorate, as a sinking cadre Her mission of epidemic prevention is to prevent and control stuck points. Since accepting the task, she has sent her second-grade children to their parents’ homes. She is a female police officer and a brave mother. Like Geng Meng, “they” are a team of more than 400 people including the county transportation bureau, public security bureau, procuratorate, court, and militia. They are scattered in more than a dozen road control inspections in the county. It is the most important and the most critical part of the county’s grid management to carry out strict traffic control, point-to-point control, and guard the county’s “external defense input, internal non-proliferation” for the county’s epidemic prevention and control.

Road bayonet is the most dangerous place, but also the safest place. The danger is due to the fact that there are many unknown factors in the face of many foreign vehicles and people every day, and the risks are great. Security is because, with their strict guarding, the people in the county will have the greatest safety. Huyi District, where there are confirmed cases, is closely connected with us. The rural epidemic prevention and control pressure is high and there are many hidden dangers. We must raise our spirits, be optimistic about our own door, take care of our own people, do our own affairs well, and use practical actions to be firm. Firmly guard the frontier pass, and build a healthy and safe copper and iron wall for the people of the county.

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The party branch of Shenlingshan Village, Luoyu Town, Zhouzhi County and the work team in the village gave new year meat to 122 villagers in the village; the Party Committee of the County Economic and Trade Bureau opened a green channel for multi-party consultation to ensure supply; the Party Committee of the County Civil Affairs Bureau rescued the needy people and distributed gift packages of love The Party Committee of the County Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau and the Party Group of the Medical Insurance Bureau presented health packages to the stranded 280 migrant workers; the village work teams at all levels, together with village cadres and volunteers, worked together to build a “safe line” for epidemic prevention and control…to fight the epidemic, Zhouzhi is one-hearted, guided by party building, integrated, densely weaving, shouldering responsibilities, and courageously shouldering responsibilities. It will finally usher in the dawn of dawn, and the beautiful Zhouzhi will be shining brightly.Zhang Yan Yan Xin


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