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Ѷ 죬 ʮĽȫ˻ǹ ڳ̬ ѵ ؿ С̨ ѡɵ ѡɵ “ը” ϣ10ǹƣ ǹƣ ϧ ܸ˸ ھ ھ “ϲ” ٻ / Ȼ

ȫ˻ƹ rise μӶ˻˶Աλڱȫ˻”϶”ˣ㽭ٻԺӱȻȻ”ϲ”̬ȫ˻

ʸϣ “ϲ” չ ǿʵ Ե һ ݽ ֥ / һʸе5һѡ 骴 е14 ⵽̭ ŵ ڶʸ “ը” Ϸӳɫ Ե ڶ “ϲ” Я ֽ



ʮĽȫ˶Ὣ15пĻʽ ڿ Ļʽǰ½ չ ȫ˻Ṳ91¼˶ Ա ȡòʸ񣬰ࡢ ֣˼ άǰһǰ ׿־ ѡѾȫ˻l ׿ ĿŮ14 ھ – λѩĿöơ ⣬ ȺĿ Һһöơ


ԭ ⣺ С ֥ ȫ˻ ժ ϧ ܰ˹ ھ “ϲ”

Ԣ 66wz.com

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