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20220116 13:44
Դ й: º

116 յ (º) ߴ ׸ֻ ѩ̨ŶӻϤ ŵĹ ŵĹ115λ ڱʯɽ ׸ֻ ѩ̨̨ϣιɡ:

Ѩ ѩ ׼ר յ / ʽ ѩ̨ĿƷ̨λá ߶ ȡǡ ߳ ȺͽǶȵȽ ׼o ׼ Ρ


2019 ѩڼ䣬Ϊ̨״ľ嵲סѩҺǰѹѩӺѩ̨Ӵζ»̨ѹѩѩ Ƴ״Ȼ˹Ρ׸ֻѩ̨ŶͨžDZʾ˹λõͬͺŵѩҡºͳѩ£Ƚг 죬ȻȽѩ£Ƚǵƾ

Simon Marek Adams (C) Ͻv͵̨Ǹ



׸ֻ ѩѩ ׸ֻ ѩѩ ޺ άһ ֱ ȷ˶ Ա ṩõĻ ڶ »ǰʽ

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