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1 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze!Yuxi City won praise for its excellent performance in the first Youth Youth Conference

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Yuxi City Shines at National Youth Games
Yuxi City has made a stellar showing at the first National Student (Youth) Games, winning a total of 7 medals, including 1 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze.

The Youth Games, held in Guangxi from November 5th to 15th, saw 58 athletes from Yuxi City competing in 9 major events in the open group. The city’s athletes also achieved 3 fifth places, 1 sixth place, and 4 sevenths as well as one eighth place, making for an impressive performance overall.

Yuxi City Sports Delegation also won the “Sports Ethics and Fashion Award,” reflecting the city’s dedication to both sports performance and spiritual civilization.

This year’s Youth Games marked the first event after the merger of the National Youth Games and the National Student Games. With 39 major events, 51 sub-events, and 805 minor events, the Games attracted more than 20,000 participating athletes from 101 delegations.

Yuxi City obtained the qualification to participate in the Youth Games in January and quickly established a preparation work organization and leading group. Over the months, the city selected 146 athletes to train hard and prepare carefully. Their efforts paid off with 58 athletes qualifying for the finals in 9 major events.

The preparation for the Games was a significant undertaking, especially considering Yuxi City is the only city in Yunnan Province, aside from the provincial capital Kunming, to participate in this national event. The city’s participation holds great significance in publicizing its image and cultivating high-level competitive sports talents.

According to the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, Yuxi City’s focus on training and transporting sports competitive talents in recent years played a significant role in their success at the Youth Games. Cycling, kayaking, and track and field middle and long-distance runners trained and transported by Yuxi achieved particularly good results, highlighting the city’s traditional advantages.

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The city plans to continue increasing the construction of these projects and align with advanced cities to further promote the integration of sports and education. By doing so, Yuxi hopes to cultivate and transport more high-level sports competitive talents and achieve even greater success on the national competitive stage.

Through their outstanding performance at the Youth Games, Yuxi City’s athletes have not only brought home medals but also showcased their city’s talent and dedication to sports.

Source: Yuxi City News, Feng Tianjiao

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