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102 Memorial Zini teams competed at Quincinetto

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102 Memorial Zini teams competed at Quincinetto


Yet another great success for the memorial that Quincitava has been dedicating to Luca Zini for ten years. In the tenth edition, postponed for two years due to a pandemic from Covid-19, the triumph was above all in the numbers, never so high: from Wednesday 1 June to Sunday 12 June on the three fields of Domenico Cipriano di Quincinetto, Verney di Tavagnasco and at the Juglair of Settimo Vittone, as many as one hundred and two teams alternated, divided into twelve years, from 2015/2016 to those born in 2004, for a total of over two thousand players, applauded by more than four thousand spectators.

A great success made possible by the maniacal organization of the Quincitava managers who wanted the historic goalkeeper of the Nerostellati, Luca Zini, to be worthily remembered as in the other previous nine editions.

The Special Olympics team also took part in this, with boys from the Quincitava youth sector who mixed with the athletes of the special team and gave life, last Saturday, June 11, to a tournament, in which the real winner was the fun in returning to play a pitch after two years of forced stop. Also present at the memorial were the parents of Luca Zini, mother Giovanna Signorino and father Gianfranco, who attended the awards ceremony of the various categories: winning hosts in five years: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2013. These then the others winning teams: 2004 Briana Olgiatese, 2008 Grand Paradis, 2010 Alessandria, 2011 Aosta 511, 2012 Vallorco, 2014 Turin and finally 2015/2016 the Pont Donnas 2021.

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Satisfied the organizer of the Quincitava tournaments, Stefano Maddiotto: “They were eight days of very intense and beautiful competitions to live – says Maddiotto – We also had an English team, Bradley Stoke who further embellished our increasingly prestigious appointment and important, as are the memories in our hearts of Luca Zini ». –

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