Home Sports 1:1 draw with Australia ranked fifth in the group, the national football team to enter Qatar there is “suspense” | National Football|Australia|Qatar_Sina News

1:1 draw with Australia ranked fifth in the group, the national football team to enter Qatar there is “suspense” | National Football|Australia|Qatar_Sina News

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Original title: 1:1 draw with Australia ranked fifth in the group, the national football team to enter Qatar there is “suspense”

  [环球时报赴阿联酋特约记者  马德兴]The Chinese men’s football team, who finished the 6th round of the top 12 of the World Preliminaries, set off on the evening of the 17th and returned to China. After a 1:1 draw with Australia, the national football team with 5 points ranked fifth in the group, still retaining the impact of third and playing additional The hope of the game, as to whether it can finally enter Qatar-the “suspense” is still there.

Wu Lei made a penalty kick. Image source: IC photo

  The national football team finds the best combination

After five games in the first loop, especially the continuous trials and actual tests in the first four games, the Chinese team has actually gradually found a “feel” in the match against Oman, whether it is its own positioning or pre-match. Tactical deployment, personnel arrangements, etc., have all begun to enter the state. Moreover, the previous continuous attempts and changes have a lot to do with the current national football’s inability to arrange high-level international warm-up matches like its opponents.

Before the top 12 games, the highest level of competition that the national football team has participated in in the past two years is the top 40 against Syria. Before the game, the national football team will enter the top 12 games, so the psychological pressure on both players and coaches is much less.

Because there is no actual combat, no more real feelings and experience, after the start of the top 12, the Chinese men’s football team must strive to achieve the desired results in the game on the one hand, and on the other hand, they must “warm up” through these games. The coaching staff and players Have to try while playing. Therefore, in the previous few top 12 matches, the personnel, lineup, and technical and tactical play have been constantly changing. Coupled with the intensive schedule of the Chinese Super League before the national football assembly, the players were too tired, constantly suffering from injuries, and delaying the formation of the best lineup.

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Fortunately, the national football team returned to China in time to adjust after the game with the Saudi team. The players’ body and mind were relaxed, and the brief meeting with their families relieved the pressure in time. Coupled with the players began to recover fully, so that the national football team finally found the best combination, and achieved a certain effect.

According to the information of the professional sports data website “SOFACORE”, the average score of all national football players in the first six rounds is 6.67 points, Exxon’s average score is the highest (6.92 points), Wu Lei ranks fifth with 6.85 points, and Luo Guofu ranks 6.73 In the 11th.

  The Asian landscape has not changed

Looking at the first 6 rounds of the group match, it can be found that the Chinese team will not have more chances to get tickets to the World Cup because of the joining of naturalized players.

At present, the top two Iranian teams and South Korea teams in the first group of the top 12 have 16 points and 14 points respectively. The UAE team ranked third has only 6 points. Iraq, Lebanon and Syria have the opportunity to fight for it. The third place, but the gap with the top two is quite obvious. In the group where the national football team is located, the Saudi team has 16 points, the Japanese team has 12 points, and the Australian team has 11 points. The lead is as clear as the last three teams. The fourth-ranked Oman team has only 7 points.

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This situation means that in Asia, the World Cup “frequent visitors” such as Iran, South Korea, Australia, Japan and Saudi Arabia have obvious advantages over other Asian opponents and want to grab them from these teams. Admission tickets, without hard power as the basis and guarantee, is quite difficult. As far as the Chinese team is concerned, despite the heavy investment in the introduction of naturalized players, the addition of the latter did not make the overall strength of the Chinese men’s football a “qualitative leap.”

Of course, compared with the last 12 finals, the Chinese team scored 1 point more after the first 6 rounds, but the overall destiny of Chinese football has not changed. The difference is that now it is coached by a local Chinese coach, while Lippi took over midway in the previous session. But after Lippi took over the pointer, the overall outcome of Chinese football has not changed.

  “Keep the suspense!”

According to the arrangement, the Chinese men’s national team took a flight back to China on the evening of the 17th local time in the UAE, and then was quarantined in accordance with relevant policies. After the end of the quarantine, the men’s football players will return to their club teams to prepare for the second stage of the Chinese Super League.

Since the top 12 matches will continue on January 27 next year, after the Chinese Super League ends, the national team will immediately re-focus on preparations. And further specific plans will be drawn up after the team returns to the country and will meet again with the Football Association to negotiate. But no matter what, “Keep the suspense!”-This is the goal of the national football team that will not change in the future.

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