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14th Winter | Ye Kangjia achieves “double crown” in snowboarding obstacle chase – Xinhuanet

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Jilin Team Wins Championship in “14th Winter” Snowboarding Open Group Obstacle Pursuit Mixed Team Finals

The “14th Winter” snowboarding open group obstacle pursuit mixed team finals took place on February 21st in the Liangcheng Division of Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia. The Jilin team, consisting of Ye Kangjia and Pang Chuyuan, emerged victorious, securing the championship title. The Sichuan and Guizhou teams secured the runner-up and third place positions, respectively.

The snowboard slalom pursuit is a high-intensity event with significant sports risks, and the competition was made even more challenging by strong winds at the Liangcheng Ski Resort. The race, initially scheduled for 10 a.m., was postponed to 11:50 a.m. However, despite the difficult conditions, Ye Kangjia and Pang Chuyuan displayed exceptional skills as they navigated the track and overcame various obstacles with ease.

Pang Chuyuan, reflecting on the victory, expressed a sense of fulfillment after standing on the highest podium, stating, “I was second in the individual competition, and I was a little bit unwilling. Today I stood on the highest podium, making up for the regret of missing out on the gold medal.”

Meanwhile, Ye Kangjia, who had previously won the gold medal in the men’s obstacle pursuit competition in the open category, shared his journey to success, revealing, “I used to practice martial arts. In 2018, I was selected into the national ski training team through cross-border and cross-sport selection. Several years of study and practice have allowed me to continue to grow. It is indeed a blessing for me to win two gold medals at this National Winter Games. I am very lucky and I will continue to work hard.”

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With the conclusion of the snowboard obstacle chasing competitions, the Jilin team leads with two gold medals, while the Liaoning, Guizhou, and Tibet teams each secured one gold. The “14th Winter” has showcased the talents and dedication of the participating athletes, bringing thrilling performances and unforgettable moments for snowboarding enthusiasts.

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