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15-year-old referee in Kalbach threatened with death

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15-year-old referee in Kalbach threatened with death

AAt first everything looks like an everyday scene in youth football: The referee has just blown the whistle for the district cup final of the C-Juniors between FC Germania 1911 Enkheim and FC Kalbach, the people of Enkheim are celebrating their 2-0 victory with spectators of the same age on the field .

But in addition to the youngsters, a father storms onto the field, yells at the 15-year-old referee and threatens to behead him. The referee steps back, his only 16-year-old assistant referee rushes to his aid and sends his father off the field. The referees then retire to the dressing room.

The incident happened the weekend before last – and has now become a major topic in the (social) media because the Frankfurt referee association published a video on the Instagram platform. She also describes that the father insulted the referees throughout the game. The man is now being investigated for insult and threats, the police said.

According to the Frankfurt referee association, the number of incidents increases, especially at the end of the season, when decisive games are due to be played. For years, there has also been an increase in attacks on referees. In the youth sector, 95 percent of the perpetrators are the legal guardians. “Many clubs don’t take enough responsibility to put the parents in their place,” complains Florian Möller, public relations officer of the Frankfurt referee’s association.

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