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16 beautiful and easy snowshoe hikes in Lombardy for everyone

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16 beautiful and easy snowshoe hikes in Lombardy for everyone

There are many possibilities for snowshoeing in Lombardy: between the Pre-Alps and the Alps, from the province of Varese to that of Brescia, a little heavy snowfall is enough to make it possible to go snowshoeing in Lombardy. But before buying or renting a pair of snowshoes and venturing out, be careful: even for snowshoes there is a real risk of avalanches (so much so that in Lombardy there is a regional law which imposes the use of safety devices such as avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe also for this type of excursion). One thing it is indeed take a snowshoe hike on paths marked as Touristwhich follow those of the summer excursions, without passages that are too technical or exposed: in this case it is a simple excursion that can often be done by anyone, with the snow generally already covered enough and, if with a small difference in height, also relatively easy.

Different the case of snowshoeing in fresh snow on steep slopeswhere it is essential to know the snow to minimize the risk of avalanches (or to be accompanied by an Alpine Guide, who is a mountain professional with precisely these skills) and where obviously the physical effort is also much higher.

16 beautiful and easy snowshoe hikes in Lombardy for everyone

Having made this necessary distinction, before setting off on snowshoe hikes in Lombardy, you might be interested in knowing how snowshoes are made and how they are used, as well as how to dress for this kind of excursion. Now that everything is ready, here it is 16 itineraries for snowshoeing in Lombardy, easy or little more than easy from a technical point of view, relaxing and undemanding from a physical point of view, panoramic views, far from the crowds of people, immersed in the silence of the woods and snow-capped mountains. In short, in one word: beautiful.

Snowshoeing in the province of Lecco

1. From Pian dei Resinelli to Monte Coltignone
Among the snowshoe hikes in Lombardy one of the simplest, among those very close to Milan, pleasant, not very demanding and with practically no avalanche risk. It starts from behind the “skyscraper” (there is no possibility of getting confused …) where there is a gate that leads onto a tree-lined cart track: taking a right you head towards the mouth of the Piave and the Parco del Valentino and from here it is enough follow the signs for Coltignone – Museum. You pass by the Grigna Museum and continue following the signs first for the Belvedere and then for the Coltignone peak, at an altitude of 1479 meters (about 280 from the starting point). From here you can enjoy a beautiful view over the whole of Valsassina. Approximate journey time a couple of hours round trip.

2. From Alpe di Paglio to Cimone di Margno
In practice, you go up to the arrival point of the Pian delle Betulle lifts, a small, pretty and not too busy alternative ski resort to Piani di Bobbio. You have to get to Paglio by car, passing through Casargo. Stop when the road ends (basically at the Kiosk car park or along the road) and from here take the wide slope where there was once a ski lift and which is now used by children and families with bobsleds. At the end of the short climb you are at the arrival point of the Pian delle Betulle lifts and from here you enter the woods, following the signs for Cimone di Margno and walking for about 1 hour and a half up to an altitude of 1800 meters (no can be wrong, there is a big red cross). From here you can retrace your steps or descend towards Pian delle Betulle and from here, in the woods, return to Paglio.

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3. On the plans of Artavaggio
Excursions with snowshoes to the plains of Artavaggio are a great classic for the Milanese and Brianza inhabitants: easy, panoramic, relaxing, they are truly feasible for anyone. The only problem is that to get to Piani di Artavaggio you have to take the cable car from Moggio.
Having said that, everything else is very simple: you leave the funicular station, put on snowshoes and basically go straight on, keeping as points of reference the various refuges that are found along the route (all excellent for tasting some local specialties ). The more trained could attempt the climb to the top of Monte Sodadura, from which you can admire the Orobie, the Grigne, the Rhaetian Alps, the Pizzo dei Tre Signori and, on particularly clear days, even the Apennines.

Snowshoeing in the province of Sondrio

4. From the Corte refuge to Monte Olano
Val Gerola is one of the lesser-known and more to be discovered in this period without skiing: from Morbegno, turn right and then instead of always going straight up to Pescegallo, turn towards the Rifugio della Corte, where you can leave your car. From the parking lot, just follow path 114 towards Mount Olano, practically all in the woods and uphill from the 1250m starting point to the 1702m of the summit of Mount Olano. Walking time 1 hour and a half, final prize the panorama on Monte Disgrazia.

5. In the Bitto Valley, from the San Marco pass to the Alpe Piazza refuge
The Alpe Piazza refuge is well known by ski mountaineers, who stop over on their way to Cima Leguj. But starting from the San Marco pass it is also the point of arrival for a nice snowshoe hike, mostly uphill and mostly in the woods: just follow the sign for the Alpe Piazza refuge and have about 3 hours of time available (but the final reward are the typical Valtellina dishes with the Bitto cheese from which the valley takes its name).Valmalenco-snowshoes

6. Snowshoeing in Val di Mello
The Italian Yosemite is also one of the most beautiful snowshoe hikes in Lombardy ever. Leave the car in San Martino (there is a car park next to the sports field) and then just set off into what in summer is the valley of climbers (and in particular of bouldering) and continue in the magic of one of the most fascinating valleys of Lombardy.

7. Val Viola towards Malga Caricc
Val Viola is also a destination for beautiful snowshoe hikes in Lombardy. A great classic is the one that starts from the Li Arnoga restaurant and which, crossing spruce, larch and stone pine woods, arrives without excessively strenuous ups and downs at the malga which is also open in winter. The view of the surrounding glaciers is priceless.

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8. In Val Malenco, from the Zoia refuge to Alpe Campagneda
A nice snowshoe hike in Val Malenco is the one that goes from Rifugio Zoia (2021 metres, can be reached by car from Lanzada) to Alpe Campagneda. You start directly from the car park, following the pink signs for snowshoes that are always clearly visible, you enter the woods and walk for at least a good hour in a zigzag pattern, with beautiful glimpses of Val Malenco and a spectacular view of Monte Disgrazia. Once you have reached Alpe Campagneda, you can decide to go back or continue a little further up to Ca’ Runcasch and from here, up and down, up to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Pace and the Rifugio Cristina. So the itinerary, hiking and not too tiring, is about 3 hours.

Snowshoeing in the province of Bergamo

9. From Bratto to the Magnolini refuge in Val Seriana
In Val Seriana, in the province of Bergamo, a nice snowshoe hike is from Bratto to the Magnolini refuge. The starting point is at the Malga Alta Pora, where there is the ski lift station, from here skirting the slopes (without stepping on them!) you reach and take the small road among the pines and follow trail sign 551 to bypass a off and reach the Magnolini refuge in about an hour.snowshoeing-in-the-mountain-in-lombardy

10. Snowshoeing at Piani dell’Avaro
The Piani dell’Avaro are a classic destination in the Val Brembana, above Cusio. There are a couple of downhill slopes for children and unpretentious beginners, a nice cross-country ski slope and above all many paths for snowshoes: the main path starts from the Ristorobie (where it is also possible to rent snowshoes) and goes off the cross-country track, and then there are many detours to climb even higher. perfect destination for those seeking relaxation, easy routes even for families, and a couple of hours from Milan (traffic permitting).

Snowshoeing in the province of Brescia

11. In Val Camonica, from Paspardo to the De Marie refuge
In Val Camonica, one of the most pleasant snowshoe hikes in Lombardy is the one that goes from Paspardo (leave the car at the votive chapel) to the De Marie refuge, in the Adamello National Park: from the chapel, follow the road to Mandosso and skirt the Re di Tredenus stream by snowshoeing in the woods up to the bridge. Beyond the bridge is the Volano basin and the refuge is clearly visible.

12. In Val Camonica, from Canè to Plazzo delle Casere
Another snowshoe hike in Val Camonica, in the Adamello park, is the simple and sweet one from Canè (beyond Edolo and Vezza d’Oglio, on the road to Tonale) to Plazzo delle Casere. Once you reach the village, you start walking in the direction of Cortebona from which you continue following the signs and skirting the stream until you reach the Plazzo delle Casere at 1937 metres. Time required a couple of hours.snowshoeing-brescia

13. Snowshoeing with a view of Lake Garda
The snowshoe hike with a view of Lake Garda par excellence is the one on Monte Pizzoccolo, not very difficult (it is classified as hiking, therefore a little more than touristic) but physically quite demanding (calculate at least 5 hours round trip). It starts from Sant’Urbano at an altitude of 800m and follows trail n.11 along the dirt road up to an altitude of 1200m. From here, follow the signs for Malga Valle, entering the woods and, having passed the malga, continue teddering to the left up to the pass. From here, follow trail number 5 to reach the summit of Monte Pizzocolo with its beautiful panorama of Lake Garda.

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Snowshoeing in the province of Varese

14. With snowshoes in Val Veddasca
Val Veddasca is a beautiful valley between the province of Varese and Swiss Ticino, a destination for summer walks and which, with the beautiful snowfall, also lends itself to fascinating snowshoe hikes. For example, the one from Curiglia to Monteviasco, where you leave your car, at the church of the Madonna della Guardia and up to the crossroads for Poncione di Breno. An easy and not too demanding route, with a limited difference in height. From Curiglia just follow the road that goes up to Sarona and normally here you can already put on snowshoes. After the chapel you enter the wood from which you come out in Sarona, from which you follow the signs for Alpone, always staying in the wood, until you reach the little church of the Madonna della Guardia. From here you can retrace your steps or continue following the signs for Monte Lema and possibly Poncione di Breno at 45′ from this point).

15. At the Forcora pass with snowshoes
When it is covered in snow, the Forcora pass is also suitable for easy excursions with snowshoes. The car can be left in the large car park at the end of the road from the center of Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca. Leave the car, just follow a simple and short itinerary to the summit of Mount Cadrigna, next to the ski lifts and passing by the little church, until you get to admire a beautiful panorama of Lake Maggiore and Verbano.

Snowshoeing in the province of Como

16. From the Colma di Sormano to Monte San Primo
A great classic of Como excursions, which in the winter season is the preserve of ski mountaineers and snowshoeers. The one from Colma di Sormano to Monte San Primo is a snowshoe hike for which a little attention is required, especially on the crest, and to check the snow conditions on the southern slopes. For the rest, the beauty is all at the top: you start from the Colma di Sormano, following the forest road that follows the summer track of the ridge of the Lariano Triangle, and then you continue towards Alpe Spessola. From this point the slopes begin to be felt. From Mount Ponciv (1453 msl) begins the ascent on the ridge to the summit of Monte San Primo at 1686 msl. From here the view is spectacular, on the two branches of Lake Como and on the northern one that looks towards Valtellina, Valchiavenna and the crests of the Alps. You need to calculate at least 2 hours and 30 minutes for the summit and a little less for the descent.
Credits photo: Pixabay


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