Home Sports 2-0!Juventus is unbeaten in 16 consecutive league games, one more game behind Inter Milan by 1 point_Serie A_Points_Roma

2-0!Juventus is unbeaten in 16 consecutive league games, one more game behind Inter Milan by 1 point_Serie A_Points_Roma

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2-0!Juventus is unbeaten in 16 consecutive league games, one more game behind Inter Milan by 1 point_Serie A_Points_Roma

Original title: 2-0!Juventus trails Inter Milan by 1 point

In the 30th round of Serie A, Juventus defeated the newly-promoted Salernitana 2-0 at home. The Bianconeri have remained unbeaten in 16 consecutive rounds of Serie A, and they are also the two unbeaten leagues in the five major leagues since 2022. one of the teams. At the same time, Juventus is currently only 1 point behind third-ranked Inter Milan with one more game.

Juventus failed to win the Serie A title last season, missing out on 10 consecutive Serie A titles. At the end of the season, Juventus executives announced the dismissal of Pirlo and Allegri returned to the Bianconeri. At the beginning of the season, Cristiano Ronaldo left the team before the summer window closed, and Juventus executives could only introduce Keane to replace Cristiano Ronaldo.

Due to the great changes in the team, Juventus had a sluggish record at the beginning of the new season, without a victory in the first 4 rounds, and the team’s points have not been able to rank in the top four. But since November 30 last year, Juventus has shown clear signs of recovery in Serie A. Before the game against Salernitana, Juventus had been unbeaten in 15 consecutive Serie A matches.

With the 2-0 victory over Salernitana in this round, Juventus has remained unbeaten in Serie A for 6 consecutive rounds, winning 12 times and drawing 4 times in 16 rounds, and obtained 40 points, which is also in Serie A in the same period. Team with the most points. Not only that, Juventus has been undefeated in Serie A since 2022, and it has also become one of the two teams that are undefeated in the top five European leagues since 2022. The other team is Sevilla in La Liga.

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After 30 rounds of games, Juventus ranked fourth with 59 points, behind Lazio, Rome and Atalanta with 49, 48 and 48 points respectively, even if Lazio and Rome and Atalanta can win in the future (All 30 rounds of the league), Juventus will also lead the fifth-placed team by at least 5 points, which also means that Juventus’ position in the top four of Serie A is very stable.

It should be pointed out that Juventus may be able to go further in Serie A. Juventus currently has 30 points, only 1 point away from Inter Milan in front of them. Although Inter Milan has one game less than Juventus, there are still 8 rounds of the league in the future, and it is not impossible for Juventus to catch up with the Nerazzurri. In the 31st round of Serie A, Juventus will have a direct confrontation with Inter Milan. Once Juventus wins, the probability of the Bianconeri winning the third will also become higher. After the game, former Juventus striker Matti said in an interview: “In January, the gap between Juventus and Inter Milan was still very large, a full 11 points behind, but now it is only 1 point behind Inter Milan, even if there are more games. One game, which can also give Juventus a lot of confidence.”

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