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2023 Run Optics Valley Marathon Celebrates Wuhan’s Running Culture and Innovation

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China’s Optics Valley Marathon Takes Place with Over 16,000 Runners

China’s 2023 Run Optics Valley Marathon, also known as the Optics Valley Marathon, commenced on October 28th. In its first year as a full marathon event, the Optics Valley Marathon has established Wuhan as a city with two annual marathons.

At 7:30 am, the race began as over 16,000 participants from 18 countries and regions, including China and foreign runners, set off from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The runners followed a route that passed through the Optics Valley Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, offering a firsthand experience of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone, also known as “China Optics Valley.” Along the way, runners passed by prominent landmarks such as Galaxy Plaza, Optics Valley Tennis Center, and the Optics Valley Sky, showcasing the innovative and technological charm of the city.

In addition to the traditional full marathon and half marathon categories, this year’s Optics Valley Marathon introduced 35 relay running formations. These formations comprised representative enterprises and scientific research institutions from Optics Valley, like FiberHome Communications, YOFC Optical Fiber, and the National Pulse High Magnetic Field Science Center. The relay race paid tribute to the 35 years of development in Optics Valley.

After an intense competition, Kipkirui LANGAT from Kenya emerged as the winner of the men’s championship, while Ruth Waithira KARANJA, also from Kenya, claimed victory in the women’s championship. Chinese athletes Tan Qi and Xiong Juan secured the men’s and women’s half marathon championships, respectively.

For 38-year-old He Xiong, who lives and works in Optics Valley after graduating from university, participating in the marathon was a long-cherished dream. He stated, “I have witnessed the rapid changes in Optics Valley in the past few years, and I feel particularly proud to run on this familiar land.”

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China Optics Valley, located in the southeastern part of Wuhan, derives its name and fame from “light.” It is recognized as the birthplace of China’s first optical fiber and photoelectric transmission system. Over the past 35 years, China Optics Valley has transformed into a world-class innovation city, home to approximately 130,000 companies and over 5,200 high-tech enterprises. The 2023 Optics Valley Marathon celebrates the continuous development and progress of the region.

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