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29 injured. Accident perhaps caused by a gust of wind

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29 injured.  Accident perhaps caused by a gust of wind

Accident a Napolial Molo Beverello, where a ship hit the quay during mooring operations. It’s about the fast ferry”Procida Island“, from Capri, where the G7 of Foreign Ministers is underway. Twenty-nine people were injured, thirteen of whom were code green, seven were code yellow, and one was code red. Evaluation is still underway for another eight.

There were several hundred passengers on board, including many foreigners. Several injured people were assisted on site by 118, some of them transported to the nearest hospitals with maxillofacial trauma. At the moment of impact, upon arrival at the port, the passengers were almost all standing and would have fallen due to the violent impact.

Ship against dock in Naples: what happened

The shipping company claims that the impact was probably due to a technical accident. The company is activating all the assistance procedures required for passengers and will provide maximum collaboration to the maritime authority to ascertain the causes of the accident. On board the ship, in addition to the 118 health workers, the men of the Captaincy and the State Police arrived.

The gust of wind hypothesis

The accident may have been caused by a gust of wind. The ship “Isola di Procida” left Capri at 9.05: at sea there were waves about two meters high and gusts of wind which however allowed navigation. While the ship docked at Molo Beverello in Naples, a gust of wind “tossed” it, causing it to list. The people who were in the hall ended up on the floor.

Based on the update of the medical bulletin provided by the ASL Napoli 1 Centro, a total of 29 people were injured in the accident which occurred in the port of Naples. The ASL itself specifies that there are still some injured people being assessed. Maxillofacial trauma, multiple contusions, injuries are the diagnoses for the injured taken to hospital. 7 injured were taken to Cardarelli, 2 to Ospedale del Mare, 2 to Cto, 2 to Fatebenefratelli, 3 to Villa Betania, 11 to Pellegrini.

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The fast ferry “Isola di Procida”

The fast ferry “Isola di Procida”, in service for Caremar, is a TMV70 Acquastrada Class single-hull vessel. Launched in 1999, this ship is 71 meters long, made up of three decks, two for passengers and one for vehicles and currently serves the routes of the Gulf of Naples. She reaches a cruising speed of 25 knots, carrying 520 passengers and 57 cars.

The testimony of the witnesses

“How did it go? She went badly, I saw her really black. I bumped my breasts, my nose, my teeth, a lot of stuff. I was assisted, they brought me ice. I called, there were lawyers upstairs. There were also those from the Financial Police near me who got hurt”, said a lady interviewed after the accident. «These things happen. I don’t know what happened, at that moment I didn’t understand anything,” added the woman. «I hurt my calf and shoulder – said another injured person -. Was I scared? That’s spontaneous. It’s not fear, it’s that sense of not understanding what’s happening. I was up there, in the front row in front of the stairs, I was about to go down. There was the safety chain in front of me, which then came loose.”


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