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3 new Rock Empire harnesses for returning to the crag

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3 new Rock Empire harnesses for returning to the crag

Ready for your next vertical adventure at the crag? Then grab one of the 3 new Rock Empire harnesses and go! Your indispensable companion should fit comfortably in your pelvis so that you can move freely and safely: this is why Rock Empire harnesses are equipped with various gear holders and ice screw clips, to satisfy all your needs at the crag.
For women – and for all petite people with a small waist – special women’s models have been developed that adapt perfectly to the female anatomy.

3 new Rock Empire harnesses for returning to the crag

Here are some Rock Empire harness models for your outdoor adventures.

Imbrago 3B SLIGHT

3B SLIGHT is a harness that gives you wings. It’s so light and comfortable you won’t even notice it. It features three aluminum buckles that allow you to quickly and easily adjust the harness. It is perfect for climbing walls and mountains where you need to feel free and safe. The 3B Slight harness is made of high quality material that evenly distributes the impact of a fall and ensures maximum comfort. It also has four asymmetric gear loops where you can store everything you need. 3B Slight is a harness that will never let you down. It is your reliable partner on the road to adventure.

Lightness – maximum comfort – freedom of movement

Ultra-light and ultra-thin harness thanks to the excellent properties of the chosen material. The fall force is distributed efficiently throughout the padding. 3 x Aluminum (AL 7075) Quick Release Buckles (1 on the waist belt, 1 on each leg belt). Innovative and lightweight ergonomic padding 4 asymmetric material holders (max. 5 kg). Made in the EU.

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Some words from Eliška Adamovská about the Rock Empire 3B SLIGHT harness:

“This is the best harness I have ever owned. I think it’s already my sixth consecutive harness that I’ve used and that’s only because I read somewhere that you should replace them after every season. Otherwise I’d probably still be climbing with my first one, it’s perfectly intact! It is a mystery to me why this harness, despite being so light and despite appearing so fragile, shows no signs of wear. Even after a whole year and a million drops, it still looks like new.
I use it for competitions, where weight is very important, but also on rocks where I love its firmness and durability. It has pretty much everything I expect and need from a harness; therefore, I never considered using another one.”

4B AKATTA harness

4B AKATTA in black is a 4-buckle harness designed specifically for sport climbing, multi-pitch routes and mountaineering. It is fully adjustable and comfortable. It has a light padded structure: it is breathable as there are small holes in the foam padding at the waist and legs. The force distribution is transmitted around the waist with 4 straps, while around the legs we have 3 straps. This harness offers maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Optimal distribution of the fall load across the entire harness.

4 aluminum QB buckles 4 gear loops Carry loop 2 tool carrying slots Durable belay loop Breathable padding Made in EU.

HOPI harness

HOPI is a fully adjustable sport climbing harness for our smallest climbers. Now in a new color. The conical shaped leg belts adapt to the slimmer legs and offer high levels of comfort. A quick buckle on the waist belt helps you adjust the size quickly and securely. Sliding belt on the waist.

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3 quick buckles Lightweight belay ring in contrasting color Quality foam with high dimensional stability Innovative ergonomics on waist and legs XXS-XS – 2 gear loops (5 kg) / XS-S – 4 gear loops (5 kg) Made in EU .

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