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31 national football players are in good condition, Zhang Linpeng has recovered from two warm-ups to determine the final list

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Original title: 31 members of the National Football Team are in good condition. Zhang Linpeng has recovered. Two warm-ups to confirm the final list

Article source: Beijing Youth Daily

On the afternoon of October 30th, the Chinese men’s football team conducted their first outdoor training after arriving in Shanghai at the Houpaier Football Park base. All 31 players on the team participated in this training, including the injured defender Zhang Linpeng. It is understood that in order to test the preparation effect and prepare for the two top 12 matches to be held in November, the Chinese team plans to continue to warm up with the Chinese Super League Shenzhen team and the Chinese League Zhejiang team in the afternoon of November 3 in Shanghai. According to the warm-up and other realities to confirm the players who will go to West Asia with the team.

Zhang Linpeng has recovered

After two days of rest, the Chinese team conducted the first outdoor training after arriving in Shanghai on the afternoon of October 30th at Houpier Base. As with the previous preparations in Suzhou, the team’s training was completely closed to the outside world, which created ideal conditions for the coaching staff to fully rehearse the team’s lineup and formation for the two games in November.

Defender Zhang Linpeng, who strained his left thigh muscle in the final stage of the 12-final match, has now recovered and participated in the joint exercise on October 30. The 31 players currently on the team are generally in good physical condition. If the team confirms that they must go overseas again, then head coach Li Tie will be able to select a relatively neat lineup from them.

The warm-up match will be scheduled on November 3

According to the plan, the Chinese team will participate in the teaching competition on November 3. Affected by the epidemic, the Chinese team encountered greater difficulties in implementing the warm-up plan. If the team leaves Shanghai on November 6 for Sharjah, UAE, it will not be able to warm up with other foreign teams after arriving at the venue. In this case, warming up with the domestic club team has become the last resort of the national football team.

It is reported that before the transfer of the National Football Team from Suzhou to Shanghai, the team has contacted a number of clubs participating in the FA Cup knockout rounds, including the Chinese Super League Shanghai Shenhua, Shenzhen and the Chinese Premier Zhejiang 3 clubs. In the FA Cup quarter-finals, Shenzhen Football Team was eliminated by Shenhua, so Shenzhen team became one of the warm-up opponents of the National Football Team, and the other warm-up opponent was Zhejiang team.

The warm-up match between the national football team and the Shenzhen team and the Zhejiang team will be scheduled on the afternoon of November 3. This is because there are more players participating in the preparation for the national football team. According to the plan, the National Football Team will warm up with the Shenzhen Football Team and Zhejiang Team. The first game will start at 3:30 in the afternoon. The two games will only have a break of more than 10 minutes.

5 international players may return to the club

It is understood that although the nature of the two games is a warm-up, in order to help the national football team quickly adjust the competitive state, the coaching staff specifically requested the whole team to participate in the two games in accordance with the regular international competition rules. The Chinese Football Association, in cooperation with the National Football Association, specially arranged through the Shanghai Football Association the international referee Shen Yinhao and the national elite referee Chen Gang as the referees of the two games.

Through these two games, the national football coach Li Tie will further polish the team’s main lineup for the two games in November, and at the same time use the warm-up opportunity to subtract some “excess personnel” lineups. Not surprisingly, at least 5 internationals have temporarily left the national team and returned to the club after the end of the Shanghai training camp.

After the 4 rounds of the top 12, 9 nationals including Dong Chunyu, Wang Dalei, Liu Dianzuo, Wang Shangyuan, Li Lei, Xu Xin, Wang Qiuming, Button and Guo Tianyu failed to make their debut. Among these nine people, except for Li Lei who once served as the team’s main left back in the first half of the top 40 game, the other eight are currently the team’s “iron substitutes” and have even been excluded from the competition registration lineup many times. Therefore, most of the players who are “subtracted” will be generated from these players. Of course, their abilities and attitudes have always been affirmed by the coaching staff, and they are still expected to return to the team in subsequent games.


National Football Team vs. Japan Team Confirmation

Recently, the Japanese Football Association confirmed that the Japanese team will participate in the Qatar World Cup Final 12 at the Saitama World Cup Stadium. The remaining three home games of the team, including the Japanese team’s home game against the Chinese team on January 27 next year.

It is understood that the Chairman of the Japanese Football Association Kozo Tajima sent a letter to the Governor of Saitama Prefecture Motohiro Ono on October 30, thanking the Saitama Prefecture Government for its support to the Japanese Football Association and Japanese Men’s Football, and agreeing to host the top 12 of the Japanese team at the Saitama 2002 World Cup Stadium. The remaining 3 home games of the game.

The top 12 matches are currently in 4 rounds. The overall performance of the Japanese team is not satisfactory to the fans of the country. This is because they only achieved a record of 2 wins and 2 losses. In the two rounds in November, the Japanese team will play away consecutively. They will first visit the Vietnam team in Hanoi, Vietnam on November 11, and then go to Muscat on November 16 local time to challenge the Oman team.

After that, the Japanese team will participate in the remaining four rounds of the top 12 matches from late January to late March next year, including three home games.

Prior to this, the Saitama 2002 World Cup Stadium hosted the top 12 match between the Japanese team and the Australian team at home. As the main stadium of the Urawa Red Diamonds, the traditional strong team of the Japanese J-League, this stadium was originally scheduled to undergo maintenance from December this year to March next year. The lawn is also facing replacement. If this is the case, the Japanese team will not be able to continue in this stadium. Participate in the top 12 competitions.

According to foreign media, the Chairman of the Japanese Football Association Kozo Tajima made a special visit to Saitama Prefecture Governor Motohiro Ohno in the middle of this week, expressing his desire to arrange the next three home games of the Japanese team at the Saitama World Cup Stadium and submitted a written application. .

It is reported that the main reason why the Japanese Football Association made such an application is that this stadium is a veritable “blessed place” for the Japanese team-the Japanese team has so far participated in 25 world preliminaries at the Saitama World Cup Stadium, with a total score of 21 wins. 3 draws and 1 loss, the winning rate is quite high. This month, the Japanese team defeated the previous three-game winning streak of the Australian team in this stadium. In this case, the Japanese Football Association began to seek support from the local government.

It is understood that the Saitama prefectural government has made it clear that it will fully support the Japanese team to participate in the remaining three home games of the top 12 at the Saitama World Cup Stadium. The Japan Football Association also expressed its gratitude for this. This means that the Chinese team will visit the Japanese team in this stadium in late January next year.Return to Sohu to see more


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