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33 Zhejiang athletes will go to Tokyo Olympics to hit a record high

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33 athletes from Zhejiang will go to Tokyo Olympics to hit a record high

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2021-07-08 09:25

Zhejiang Daily News From July 6th to 7th, the 2021 provincial sports publicity work conference was held in Wuyi, Jinhua. The reporter learned from the meeting that 33 athletes in our province have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, setting a record high in the number of Zhejiang athletes participating in the Olympics. Among them, 15 are male athletes and 18 are female athletes, with an average age of 26 and 24 athletes. This is the first time to participate.

It is reported that the Zhejiang athletes who will be participating in the Tokyo Olympics this time are distributed in 12 major events. Among them, there are 3 athletes in track and field, 8 swimming, 4 shooting, 1 weightlifting, 4 badminton, 3 kayaking, 5 sailing, 1 gymnastics, 1 sand volleyball, 1 three-person basketball, and 1 mountain bike. 1 person, equestrian.

According to the current list published by the individual sports management centers and associations of the State Sports General Administration, the reporter found that Shi Zhiyong, Xu Jiayu, Wang Shun, Xie Zhenye, Zheng Siwei, Huang Yaqiong, Chen Yufei, Yang Qian and other famous players are all on the list. Excellent results have been achieved in swimming, shooting and many other events.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Sports Bureau said that the athletes in our province are currently preparing for the Olympics in an orderly manner. Next week, the State Sports General Administration will establish a Chinese sports delegation for the Tokyo Olympics and will release the final list of entries for the Tokyo Olympics.

Source: Zhejiang Daily Author: Reporter Shen Tingyu Shen Chao Editor: Li Jiayang

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