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3rd league: MSV Duisburg prevents bankruptcy against Verl’s throw-in specialists

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3rd league: MSV Duisburg prevents bankruptcy against Verl’s throw-in specialists

Status: 03/18/2023 4:17 p.m

In the 3rd football league, outnumbered MSV Duisburg just managed to draw against SC Verl. A throw-in variant of the SC cracked the MSV twice.

On Saturday (March 18th, 2023), MSV Duisburg managed to avoid defeat with a late goal from Joker Alaa Bakir (85th) to the final score of 3:3 (2:2). Duisburg had started well in the first half and celebrated the goals of Benjamin Girth (12th) and Julian Hettwer (45th + 1). Tom Baack scored twice for Verl (28th, 50th) after the same throw-in variant, Maximilian Wolfram (45th + 3) also entered the East Westphalian top scorer list. Duisburg had to play almost the entire second half outnumbered because Caspar Jander saw yellow-red (48th).

Duisburg dominates, Verl runs behind

The hosts dominated the game from the start. Verl had little access over large parts of the first half, the SCV players were usually too far away from the Duisburgers. These played out the first offensive scenes early on – and were rewarded: Girth was staged in an exemplary manner by Julian Hettwer and was able to insert. He had previously stolen the ball from Verl’s Mael Corboz.

Due to numerous MSV opportunities, the narrow deficit for Verl was already flattering. The fact that Luca Stellwagen, who was replaced by Joscha Wosz (26th), had to go down injured before the half-hour mark, marked another low point of the game for SCV.

Throw-ins as a weapon of SC Verl

But this was followed suddenly and unexpectedly by a high point for East Westphalia: the equalizer came out of nowhere. Significant for the playful inferiority of the SC up to that point: the hit was preceded by a throw-in variant. A long throw-in from Torge Paetow, an extension at the first post from Jesse Tugbenyo – and Baack headed in.

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After that, the first half finally earned the adjective “turbulent”. Because the very convincing attacking talent Hettwer restored the lead for Duisburg for a short time with a remarkable lob. But again Verl showed comeback qualities when Nico Ochojski’s cross was headed in by Wolfram.

Throw-in, the second: Verl duped MSV again

Duisburg went into the dressing room with this low blow. And got another one right after the restart. A double low blow, to be precise, because Jander, who was already under a yellow card, let himself be carried away to a slight foul and thus yellow-red.

And just two minutes later, MSV goalkeeper Vincent Müller had to get behind him for the third time. Bitter: Again it was exactly the same throw-in variant as with the first goal from Loser. Even the same actors were involved. Paetow threw in, Tugbenyo extended, Baack headed the ball into the net.

Joker Ajani and Bakir prevent MSV defeat

After that, MSV was increasingly frustrated with the course of the game and committed a few unnecessary fouls. The team coached by Torsten Ziegner didn’t give up and occasionally pushed the ball into the danger zone themselves. That was rewarded, because Joker Bakir, who had replaced Girth (65th), prevented the bankruptcy with his late goal after a template by Marvin Ajani (who came on for Joshua Bitter, 72nd).

MSV has to go to Halle, Verl receives leaders

On the next matchday he has to MSV Duisburg away at Halleschen FC (Friday, 7 p.m.). Meanwhile he receives SC ext the league leaders SV Elversberg (Saturday, 2 p.m.).

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