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4th comprehensive: Chinese women’s basketball team is still in the final despite defeat

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Original title: 4th comprehensive: Chinese women’s basketball team will advance to the final despite defeat

Although the Chinese Legion won only one silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics on the 4th, the Chinese women’s basketball team showed their style in the match against the European champion Serbia, despite the glorious defeat; the Chinese men’s and women’s table tennis teams entered the men’s and women’s team finals respectively. On the gold medal list, the Chinese team continued to lead with 32 gold, 22 silver and 16 bronze.

The Chinese women’s basketball team, which had three consecutive victories in the group stage, failed to pass the quarterfinals on the 4th. They were leading by 9 points after three quarters. The more experienced Serbia team started a 12-0 round in the fourth quarter, and the balance of victory was reversed. 70:77, after a regretful loss, many women’s basketball girls cried, but they also said: “We can win, and we are not afraid of losing.” The head coach of the Chinese team Xu Limin saw the future of this young team: “I I am also confident that this team will definitely stand on the podium of the Olympic Games in the future.”

On August 4, players from both sides competed for the ball.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Pan Yulong

In synchronized swimming, Russia has always had the dominant strength, and Tokyo is no exception. The 31-year-old Chinese combination Huang Xuechen/Sun Wenyan finally won the silver medal in the duo event; the Russian player continued the history of winning the Olympic gold medal in synchronized swimming. Kolesnichenko/Romaschenna won the championship, which is also the sixth personal Olympic gold medal of Romaschenna. .

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When it came to the table tennis arena, the Chinese team with dominant strength became the Chinese team. On that day, the Chinese men’s and women’s table tennis both defeated their opponents 3:0 and easily advanced to the men’s and women’s team finals. The women’s team will compete with the host Japanese team for the championship. The men’s team will compete against the German team in the finals. The latter defeated the Japanese team in 3 hours on the 4th.

On August 4th, the Chinese combination Xu Xin/Ma Long (right) in the game.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Dawei

Gu Hong also advanced to the final, she broke into the women’s boxing 69 kg finals. In addition, the Olympic champion Zhong Angel advanced to the quarter-finals of the women’s Kailin, and the Chinese canoeing team reached the semi-finals in three events.

A total of 17 gold medals were won in the Tokyo Olympics on the 4th. Good results were repeated that day, and many world records were broken. American star McLaughlin broke his own world record for women’s 400m hurdles with 51.46. In the track cycling men’s team chase, the Italian team scored 42 in the final with 3 points. The score of 032 seconds won the gold medal, and broke the world record they just created in the qualifying round; Georgian Tala Haze broke all three world records for men’s weightlifting over 109 kg, and the kayaking still water competition also had many Olympic bests. The results have been rewritten.

The new skateboarding event of the Tokyo Olympics decided the third gold, and the Japanese won the championship again, so far they have won all three gold medals.

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On August 4, Japanese player Shishizumi Sakura celebrated in the final.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Ga

It is worth mentioning that in the men’s 200-meter track and field battle that day, Canada’s De Grasse beat the two American players Bednarek and Lyles to win the gold medal with a time of 19.62 seconds. So far, the American team has won the gold medal in both men and women. There is no money in the four items of 100 meters and 200 meters. In other collective events, the Japanese women’s basketball team narrowly beat the Belgium team 86:85 to break into the semi-finals, and the Korean women’s volleyball team beat the Turkish team to advance to the semi-finals 3:2.

On the gold medal standings, the Chinese team continued to lead with 32 golds, 22 silvers and 16 bronzes. The US team ranked second with 25 golds, 31 silvers and 23 bronzes. The Japanese team ranked third with 21 golds, 7 silvers and 12 bronzes.

On the 5th, 25 gold medals will be decided. The Chinese team will have gold opportunities in table tennis, diving, men’s 20-kilometer walking and other events.

(Wang Hengzhi Ding Wenxian Huayi)


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