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5 things not to do at breakfast

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5 things not to do at breakfast

5 things not to do for breakfast?

1️⃣ SKIP THE: not consuming it primarily affects mental efficiency in the early hours of the morning; skipping this meal out of habit is also often associated with being overweight;

2️⃣ DRINK THE COFFEE FIRST: take it during breakfast, or at its end, avoid consuming it as the first ingredient;

3️⃣ EAT A COOKIE WHILE YOU PREPARE IT: replace it with nuts such as walnuts, almonds or cashews;

4️⃣ ONLY TAKE CARBOHYDRATES: always insert a source of #protein in the appropriate quantities, better yet if consumed as a first food if possible;

5️⃣ DO NOT TAKE DRINKS: it’s time to rehydrate your body after the night, try to insert water or another unsweetened drink.

✨ Personally I wouldn’t know how to start the day without it, it’s my favorite moment, in the silence of the house ordering ideas. Is it the same for you too?

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