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76ers see Simmons deal as long-term plan to target up to 30 players

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Original title: The 76ers see the Simmons deal as a long-term plan to target up to 30 players

On November 19th, Beijing time, Mingji Sam Amick wrote an article analyzing the deadlock between the 76ers and Simmons.

Sam Amick said that no transactions will take place in a short period of time. Until the 76ers general manager can replace Simmons into a true elite player, he won’t go anywhere.

According to sources, the 76ers have a list of players they hope to get through the Simmons trade. There are about 30 players on the list.

The Blazers’ Lillard is not only on the list, but also close to the top of the list. The same is true for Harden. The 76ers general manager tried to reunite with the former Rockets player in January but failed. If Harden decides to shock the basketball world and abandon Durant, then he can come to the 76ers this summer by signing first and then changing. In addition, Bill of the Wizards is on the list.

There are as many as 30 players on the roster, and they meet the conditions that the 76ers hope to be rewarded in the Simmons trade. The team believes that 5-10 players may be able to change from non-sale to a tradable state within the next one to two years. This sounds like a long list, accounting for about 6% of the league’s players, equivalent to the number of All-Star players in each season. The frame of the timeline speaks better than anything else about the long-term plan the 76ers insist on adopting.

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“This is a multi-year plan.” A source familiar with the 76ers revealed.

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