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89 minutes behind! 91 minutes to overtake Ancelotti and anointed Manchester City, Real Madrid climbed out of hell – yqqlm

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89 minutes behind! 91 minutes to overtake Ancelotti and anointed Manchester City, Real Madrid climbed out of hell – yqqlm

Original title: 89 minutes behind! 91 minutes to overtake Ancelotti and consecrate Manchester City, Real Madrid climbed out of hell

In the early morning of May 5th, Beijing time, the Champions League semi-finals continued. Real Madrid returned to the home court and continued to face the Premier League giants Manchester City.

The first leg of the two teams was heart-wrenching, Manchester City won 4-3but only winning one goal at home, obviously can not satisfy the Manchester City fans, the whole game,Man City squandered at least 4 must-goal chancesGuardiolaThe picture of repeatedly holding the head and sighing has also become a classic,MahrezThe greed of merit has also become the focus of heated discussions among the media and fans after the game.

Although the two teams are leading in their respective leagues, the situation they face is still very different. Real Madrid has already established a great lead, and the leagues have been rotated in the recent period of time. Not so with Manchester City. Liverpool behind them are pressing step by step, which makes the Blue Moon two-line battle, and they dare not take it lightly.

Before the game, both teams also reported injuries.Alaba and StonesBoth are the core of their respective defenses, and it is also a pity that it is difficult for both teams to have a complete lineup to meet.

After the opening, Manchester City advanced the defense line and tried to completely suppress Real Madrid, but Real Madrid’s counterattack was equally sharp. In the 3rd minute, Carvajal’s pass aimed at Benzema,Benzer Tyrannosaurus RexThe header of the ball did not eat the positive part, and the top was high.

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In the 7th minute, there was a conflict on the field.

Laporte gives Modric a dark punch, this action angered the magic flute, he quickly fought back, and Laporte fell to the ground clutching his throat in pain. The referee showed both sides a yellow card to quell the incident.

After the conflict, the scene gradually became dull. 12 minutes,De BruyneCourtois easily confiscated the ball with a sudden shot from outside the penalty area.

In the 17th minute, Benzema faced the double-team defense in the penalty area and completed the pass.Vinicius‘s volley is ridiculously high.

In the 21st minute, B Fei made a cross, and De Bruyne made a mistake in stopping the ball.JesusHe rushed over quickly, and the shot was quite threatening.

In the 25th minute, Vinicius made a free kick in the frontcourt,CrossThe shot hit the wall slightly higher.

In the 30th minute, an unexpected situation occurred on the field,Casemiro pulls Foden at the backhe hurt himself when he fell to the ground, and his expression was quite painful.

35 minutes,Vinicius made physical contact with Walker during the counterattack,He fell to the ground and the referee said nothing.

After 3 minutes, Edson made a clearance to handle the ball,FodenA sudden volley hit the goal outside the penalty area. Fortunately, Courtois concentrated and saved the ball bravely.

In the first half, the two teams scored a goalless draw, and the shots were evenly matched 6-6, but Manchester City had 4 shots and Real Madrid had 0.

Only 4 minutes into the second half,JesusThe shot from inside the box was rather sudden, and Courtois was so focused he threw the ball straight.

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In the 73rd minute, the dull game suddenly sped up. Seat B ran unguarded for a long distance, and he successfully assisted.Mahrezthe latter hit the close corner.

Courtois looked helpless, the score on the field became 0-1, and Manchester City, who played away, took the lead.

In the remaining time, Real need to score two goals to drag the game into extra time. Ancelotti made a substitution adjustment and Rodrigo came off the bench.

In the 90th minute, Benzema sent an assist,RodrigoFollowing up the goal, the score on the field became 1-1, and Real Madrid was still behind in the total score.

In the 91st minute, a miracle happened. Carvajal made a pass.RodrigoThe header broke, the Bernabeu was completely boiling, 80,000 fans celebrated wildly, the score on the field became 2-1, Real Madrid took the lead, the total score between the two teams became 5-5, and the game entered overtime.Return to Sohu, see more

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