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A bad night for the Cortina. Salzburg goes to the Olimpico

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Riccardo Lacedelli

Surprise result, with the guest formation scoring a goal in time. Tomorrow evening Ampezzo still at home, against the battleship Jesenice

The first defeat of the season for Cortina arrives. Classic no night at the Olimpico for captain Adami and his teammates, who are defeated 3-0 by Salzburg. A match in which the Ampezzo players were not able to finalize the opportunities created, making a lot of mistakes in defense and never managing to affect as they did in the first three races of the Alps.

Three goals conceded, one for each period, bring Hafro down to second place in the standings.

In the second consecutive match at the Olimpico coach Machacka confirms the line up of the first outings with De Filippo between the posts and a front line formed by Kaskinen, Larcher, Sanna, Finucci and Johansson. In front of the Salzburg, which arrives in the Conca after having collected 5 points in as many games played and after having lost by measure on Wednesday in Asiago.

The Austrians, however, do not seem to have suffered from the close double engagement and start much better than the hosts. The aggressiveness and good phrasing of Salzburg calls De Filippo to overtime. The Ampezzo goalkeeper saves the result several times but can do nothing at 7 ‘. Kaskinen makes a mistake in the exit, the white and celeste defense struggles to reposition themselves, so the guests find themselves in superiority in front of the goalkeeper with Lahnaviik who cannot miss the well-deserved goal of the advantage.

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In the ranks of the Cortina a lot of inaccuracy and few conclusions up to the middle of the fraction.

In the final, the Hafro tries to raise its head but Giacomo Lacedelli first and Sanna then fail the tie face to face with Pfarmaier. In the second drittel the squirrels descend on the ice with more conviction, the game is beautiful and balanced but Machacka’s men are still too wrong, both in defense and in the conclusions. Pompanin devours a goal already scored, missing the target sensationally, even Finucci in front of the visiting goalie is not precise.

In powerplay it is De Zanna who hits the crossroads. The draw does not arrive and so the Austrians find the 2-0 on the counterattack. Another mistake in construction, open defense and Schwaiger inflating the net.

A penalty suffered at the start of the third fraction does not help Hafro in the comeback. Little precision, few ideas and time passes.

Captain Adami and his companions are unable to enter the game and indeed suffer the trio in the 50th minute. Harnisch finalizes a good move in speed of his own and mortgages the victory. In the final, the tired and uninspired teams no longer create anything.

The guests control the match and take home three important points. Cortina thus loses the top of the standings and prepares tomorrow to host Jesenice.

The Slovenian battleship will arrive at the Olimpico just after winning the first place in a big match to be experienced.

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